July 22, 2012

That particular Sunday was supposed to be one of those easy summer days that creates mosaics with the memories from other easy summer days. The movement was initially to take me to the beach for a much needed day relaxing with a good buddy of mine. But as luck would have it things came up and my guy had to take a rain check. I was far from bummed though as that just presented me the opportunity to link up with my aces John & Leaf at the park for some much needed exercise via a shared passion of ours, basketball.

Before I talk about the actual game I played that day let me provide a brief outline of my basketball career. I sucked. I tried out for my high schools team unsuccessfully for one year before I vowed to never stray from my first love, football. I didn’t start to really cultivate an interest and then a passion for basketball until my mid twenties, when I was fortunate enough to help the middle school I work for start a basketball program. After four years as the assistant coach I became the head coach, a role I have cherished for the past four seasons. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some amazing young men and few things in my life gave been more rewarding than watching them work hard and succeed. So as a late bloomer to the game I really only started developing my game recently. I’ve always known how to play the game but coaching afforded me the time to get better. All the drills I’ve ran with my boys was finally starting too rub off on me.

The temperature was around ninety by the time Leaf and I got to the park. It was the perfect day to burn some calories and build my cardio health while having fun. After about twenty minutes or so of shooting around John showed up and along with a random guy at the park we started to play a game of oak. I played pretty poorly until near the end of the game when my jumper started falling and I was able to convert some free throws. I earned a respectable score & finished third out of five players. By the end of our oak more guys started to show up at the park, enough to pick sides for a five-on-five game.

My last basketball game of this ’season’ got off to a quick start. The kid I was playing was quick and had a good shot, especially when his man was setting Prince-like (palms out, not a good look if you’re like me & don’t like sweaty strangers touching you) screens. I made my first shot and dude came back and hit a long jumper of his own. A spirited competition was just getting started.

My summer, and immediate future changed about five minutes into this game. I was making my way back up court to play defense when I felt what I hoped my someone kicking me in the leg. I hoped this was the case because I knew, from my dad’s experience with ATR, that an Achilles injury can feel like a kick in the leg. Unfortunately no one was close enough to kick me in the leg.

Despite the squeamish looks I get telling this story, the injury did not hurt. I thought maybe I twisted my ankle and tried to walk it off. I knew I wouldn’t be able to play the rest of the day when my left foot felt like it was lower than my right foot. So I took my ’sprained’ ankle to the sideline an watched my boys play a couple more full court games before returning home to ice and elevate my ankle. If it still hurt or was swollen in the morning I figured maybe I’ll give my doctor a call to make sure nothing major was going on with my left heel.

3 Responses to “July 22, 2012”

  1. Have you used te Thompson test to see if it has ruptured?

  2. Thanks for reading my first post pauls! I don’t want to spoil the plot, so you have to check my next post. What’s the Thompson test?

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  3. Thanks for retelling your story. I think you have to consult it with a doctor as soon as possible.

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