shoe question

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hello All,

I am happy to report that i am doing well and am back to work and walking around, i am however having some issues with my footwear, i can’t seem to find a comfortable pair of shoes to wear around work. I teach and i am on my feet all day and there are certain times my achilles really hurts, esp when i am walking towards the end of the day. I have gel heel cups in, but i can’t seem to find the right shoes to wear to help, the high tops i wear are poking into my achilles and my low top underarmor sneakers don’t seem to give me enough support. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what shoes to wear, high or low top, or what brand they wore?

Thanks a lot


Back to work and back to life!

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I recently went back to two shoes!! which has been one of the happiest days in a long time!! i am not back to driving and back to work ( i am a teacher), i am kind of struggling with a limp, i have the heal rise in and that is kind of hurting the bottom of my heel, anyone have any tips? Also i am wearing a compression brace for now as well which makes my shoe tight esp with the heal cup. BUT with all that said i am able to walk and just about 11 weeks out of surgery and i can not be happier!! and this blog site has helped so much i can’t even begin to express how much it helped me and all of your comments!! Thank you all!!

question about driving

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At week did everyone resume driving? was it when they hit the two shoe date ( mine is targeted for aug 18th)?

partial Weight Baring

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I have been partial weight baring for about a week now, its great its almost like new sense of freedom. I can not wait to start actually walking in the boot! My two shoe goal date is Aug 18th! I’m hoping that actually happens! I am going on vacation to universal studios the end of sept which will be about 16 weeks after surgery, how was everyones walking by this point after surgery? any issues?

Cast off today! looks to be skin peeling

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I hit a milestone!! i got my cast off today and am not just in a boot, i start PT next week for two times a week and then partial weight baring! the area around my scar seems to be very dry and almost peeling like with dead skin, has anyone experienced this? the strips that were over it came off in the shower and now it just seems to be peeling skin.

silver lining !

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If i had to pick a silver lining to all this is that the world cup is on!! and I’ve gotten to watch ALL of it!! also it really has put into perspective all the things i took for granted. I told a friend the other day when i could work out i didn’t do it nearly as much as i should/could have, and now that I’m recovering its all i think about. Also it really gave me a greater appreciation for the people in my life that are there to help me through this all, without them i would be completely lost! So I’m just trying to stay positive and take it one small goal at a time which is what many people have told me!

Mentally in a tough place

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This is my first post to this site and i am really happy i found somewhere where i can get support and ask about what to expect from people going through the same thing! I guess i should tell you how it happened, i was playing soccer and went to run and someone stepped right on the back of my leg and i went down instantly. I had surgery 4 weeks ago today and have been having a rough time mentally. I mentally have been in a tough place with so many questions and fears going through my mind…. will i ever be able to play soccer again… with i be active again… how much pain will i be in during PT? I know that it gets better from what people have been saying but I’m just still in that sit and wait phase…. cast comes off on thursday. Anyone have any words of advice or went through the same thing and pulled themselves out of it?

thanks for reading!

Hello world!

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Welcome to

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