8+Weeks Post Op

FWB, no crutches, removed a heel wedge (5 more to go) and starting the resistance band training in PT. Whole lotta action going on here! Not much else to say about it other than I am pretty happy with progress so far.  Measurable increased ROM and now starting with the resistance bands I can actually engage my calf muscle, well whats left of it but it feels good.  

Going crutchless is a great feeling.  I am pretty slow still but know I am getting better with it daily so it is just a matter of time before I am taking full strides consistently. 

I was using a cast sock for the last few weeks under the walking boot and just started wearing a compression sock as I noticed there is a lot more swelling again being on my feet more.  We will see how much that helps.   

I am going to try the stationary bike today I am looking forward to getting some cardio back in my routine.

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  1. Hi BM,

    Biking at 8 weeks is good (I started at 7). The one thing that is a bit strange to me is still having 5 wedges while FWB. By the time I was FWB (week 6), my PF was at 0 (no wedges).

    That said, you should be moving faster and faster as each day goes by, as long as you keep up your PT.

    While ROM is great for general PT, it takes muscle and tendon strength for gait\walking, etc. So be sure to step it up regarding PT, and not just ROM work.

    Either way, keep us posted and good luck.

  2. And make sure you build up your uninjured foot so it’s as high off the ground as your booted one. That may be tough with 5 heel wedges, but it’s important.

    And install the ATR Timeline Widget if you can, please.

  3. Keep up the good work! I can tell you that if you keep working, it gets a little better every week. Sometimes you can notice a leap in progression even over a couple days’ time.

  4. 10 Weeks and walking fine, there was a huge leap in progression from writing this to the end of that week able to walk into a store without crutches and now very comfortably walking long distances on the boot.

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