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One of my first thoughts after the ATR was how am I going to stay in shape and not gain 50 lbs! I dont have a perfect system down and really want to open this up to suggestions and comments as my routine 4 weeks in is getting really stale.  I think the best thing I am doing is weiging myself daily so there is no way 10, let alone 50lbs can sneak up on me.

Diet: minimilize portions as much as possible and cut back on carbs, fats, sweets, sugar in general.
Typical day of meals: 7am protein shake, 10am lowfat greek yogurt, 12pm turkey and cheese sandwich with a fruit side, 3pm apple or almonds, 6pm chicken and vegetable dinner.
Pretty boring and was not easy over the holidays or when we had a mom staying with us to help out around the house making all sorts of baked goods!

Week 1-4 Exersize: Ab ripper workout from p90x mostly leg lifts and core twisting motions for a good 20 minutes every other day and on the alternate days a pushup and pullup routine, 20 minutes.   Also stretch whenever I get a chance on the floor to loosen up my back and hips from sitting so much.

Very simple and covers many of the upper body movements in just these 3 workouts.

Currently on week 5: I have completed one upperbody shoulders and arms P90x workout- about 45 mins long and an ab ripper x to get a full sweat going that I havent had in quite a while.  I plan to work these longer full workouts back into my routine probably once a week while doing the above workout as normal every other day. 

I have a fiberglass cast from toe to knee and dont really want to sweat too much in it but I tend to lean more to my fitness than worrying about a stinky leg.

Any other routines or suggestions on working fitness back in with ATR, or getting back to the gym tips?

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  1. Thanks for the nice post. Exercise with proper diet and lifelong commitment is the key to success. I have put together a website on Paleo Diet and lifestyle that you might be interested to checkout……. keep up the good work. - Laura

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