Post op- Week 2- house of pain

Fell asleep night one with completely numb leg and everything was great, all drugged up and finally on road to recovery.  I kind of  knew I had it coming so I took a Percocet and went to sleep, around 4am intense pain started creeping in and never let up for 3 days.  It was the [...]

ATR Surgery- Minimally invasive

After the eternity of waiting 3 days to even call an OS and spending every waking minute online researching ATR’s I finally made my appointment and met my doctor.  Since I had such a poor experience with the ER, see previous post, I decided to go with a different OS than they recommended one that [...]

ATR - ER Trip

ATR on 12/13/13.   Yup Friday the 13th.  I must have walked under a ladder, crossed path with a black cat, stepped on too many cracks…
Other basketball guys helped me to my car after the injury, by that time I really didn’t have much pain but couldn’t walk or move my foot properly, was hoping [...]