Leading up to ATR- Why Me!?

Left leg ATR occurred playing basketball at the local rec center. 

History: I am a bit of a competitive guy and tend to go all out no matter the competition.  Being 31 I feel I am still in my prime and even better than in my 20’s playing college football since learning about nutrution and working that into my regiment of workouts including cardio, jump training, and weight resistance training every other day with one day off  per week.  I felt in top condition leading up to the ATR.  I have been doing the P90x 1 and 2 workouts at home and do other weight resistance training at a Gym.  I also recently found a new way to be competitive by doing “Mud Runs” I competed in several in the Chicago and Wisconsin area this last year and absolutely loved them even finishing in top position in one 4.5 mile race and 2nd place in a 5k. 

So back to the competitiveness, I should have been taking it easy and shooting jumpers and laying off on the defense knowing that I have been hurt several times playing basketball, either a sprained ankle, twisted knee, back pain…etc but I just dont have a slow gear when it gets competitive.  We were on the 5-6th game of the night and this one was going to end when they kicked us out so I was making sure to leave it all on the court.   I stole the ball and quickly turned to run upcourt and snap, pow, bang, somebody stomped the hell out of me from behind.  Some idiot just clobbered my leg!  who was this clutsy A-Hole!  turned around as I fell to the floor and nobody behind me.  Instantly remembered the same story as told by my father and co-worker about their ATR’s and knew what happened.  ATR would never cross my mind, I thought I had at least 10 more years before I would even have to think of that possibility, how could this happen to me, I was in great shape, stretch properly and was already warmed up? Still cant figure that one out.   My dad was in his late 40’s and coworker early 40s. 

oh by the way-  Wife 38 weeks pregnant (full term) and 2 year old at home.  Live in Chicago with all family back in Michigan, and I go and get myself seriously injured.   Definitley pissed at this point about all the conditioning and strength I will lose due to this injury, not to mention I was already signed up and paid for at least one race this year and very much looking forward to about 6 of them…

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