ATR 4 week follow up visit… not as expected

Coming into the follow up visit wondering how it is going to be with a walking boot, man this was going to be good to be able to clean my leg daily and massage the soreness, even scratch an itch.  My appointment was 1 hour before the office closed on a Friday.  You could sense [...]

ATR Post op - health and fitness

One of my first thoughts after the ATR was how am I going to stay in shape and not gain 50 lbs! I dont have a perfect system down and really want to open this up to suggestions and comments as my routine 4 weeks in is getting really stale.  I think the best thing [...]

ATR Post Op week 2 follow up visit

My follow up visit from surgery couldn’t come fast enough. I had to wait 16 days since my son was born at the 13 day mark. I was so curious to see my jacked up foot and ankle expecting it to be all purple and bloody, it felt like a balloon ready to burst out [...]

Post op- Week 2- house of pain

Fell asleep night one with completely numb leg and everything was great, all drugged up and finally on road to recovery.  I kind of  knew I had it coming so I took a Percocet and went to sleep, around 4am intense pain started creeping in and never let up for 3 days.  It was the [...]

ATR Surgery- Minimally invasive

After the eternity of waiting 3 days to even call an OS and spending every waking minute online researching ATR’s I finally made my appointment and met my doctor.  Since I had such a poor experience with the ER, see previous post, I decided to go with a different OS than they recommended one that [...]

ATR - ER Trip

ATR on 12/13/13.   Yup Friday the 13th.  I must have walked under a ladder, crossed path with a black cat, stepped on too many cracks…
Other basketball guys helped me to my car after the injury, by that time I really didn’t have much pain but couldn’t walk or move my foot properly, was hoping [...]

Leading up to ATR- Why Me!?

Left leg ATR occurred playing basketball at the local rec center. 
History: I am a bit of a competitive guy and tend to go all out no matter the competition.  Being 31 I feel I am still in my prime and even better than in my 20’s playing college football since learning about nutrution and working that into [...]