9 month update

9 months ago on 24 Aug 2015 my right achilles snapped. It was a terrifying experience that left me doubting whether or not my exercise life would ever be the same. Thankfully our bodies are absolutely incredible and they heal in the most amazing way. So now, 9 months later, I barely [...]

6 months post surgical ATR repair

I’m at 27 weeks, just over the 6 month mark.  When I ripped it the OS told me 6-12 months before you’re back at sports … He was right on the money.  I’ve been really lucky because nothing has gone wrong during my recovery, so I’ve managed to hit 6 months able to participate in [...]

Research on strengthening the achilles tendon and calves

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on how to strengthen the achilles tendon and the calves.  Since I’ve had an ATR I know I’m always going to have a question in the back of my mind as to whether it will happen again.  Although I’m pretty sure my injury was caused because I [...]

5 month update for surgically repaired ATR

It’s really hard to think about your achilles when every other muscle in your body is screaming.  I keep wondering each morning how I’ve managed to miss all the buses that have obviously been running me over!
I’m not joking, it is that bad, but at the same time it’s really good to be [...]

21 weeks - jogging

The happy streak that started last week has continued!  I think I turned a big corner in my recovery 2 weeks ago and I have a feeling that a lot of it had to do with regaining enough dorsiflexion to let me participate comfortably in almost everything again.
Although I wasn’t cleared yet by the physio, [...]

20 weeks - training again

20 weeks post surgery - 4.5 months!
I’ve had a great week … I’ve started training again!  It feels amazing
So my big milestone of the week is that I have returned to the scene of the crime!  Exactly 20 weeks after the day of the injury I went back to my crossfit box and [...]

19 week update

This last week I’ve backed off a bit because I’ve been on holiday.  I’ve still been doing the eccentrics and making sure I do at least 45 straight and 45 bent a day.  I’ve also made sure to stretch every day and keep measuring my knee-to-wall.  Other than that, I’ve done some cycling outside and [...]

Happy Hopping! - 18 weeks

18 weeks and things are still moving along, sometimes well and sometimes not so well.  I’m extremely happy with my progress on the good days.  I get a bit down and worried on the bad days.  I think that my ratio of good to bad is about 1 to 2 right now, i.e. I have [...]

16 weeks - eccentric strength program begins

My physio has given me the clear to start the eccentric strength training phase of his protocol. Up to now I’ve been doing the eccentric lowers to the floor. I now have to build up to doing 3×15 straight and 3×15 bent leg eccentric lowers over a step twice a day, the idea [...]

15 weeks

This last week has been a good one in terms of milestones.
- I completed a 4km coastal walk which includes a lot of stairs and slopes.
- I have cycled outside a few times on my mtb but only for commute and with pedals not cleats.
- Cycling outside requires me to carry my bike up [...]