2m toe-walk at 13 weeks

I managed to walk on my toes unassisted and barefoot for 2m yesterday at exactly 13 weeks from surgery!  I was so ecstatic!  Walking on my toes again is something I only had pegged for 16 weeks or later.  I’ve been working at it fairly persistently and I succeeded in chest deep water at 12wks+3days.  [...]

12 week barefoot walk

The pain I had 2 days ago has disappeared as quickly as it arrived. I am so relieved! I really wasn’t keen to go back to the boot for an extended period.
My dorsi-flexion is still very far from normal and this is holding me back. Since I’m now at week 12, I [...]

Fast forward to rewind

I am 12 weeks post surgical repair of a full achilles rupture, the injury occurred 2 days prior to surgery.  Today is a day to celebrate as I have made it to the 12th week without re-rupture and all the information seems to indicate that your chance of re-rupture reduces radically after 12 weeks, so [...]

The bittersweet 11th week

I saw my surgeon on Wednesday.  I went to the appointment in 2 shoes, with crutches in hand in case I needed them which I didn’t.  He performed the Thompson test and then told me that I don’t need to see him anymore.  I am discharged!
I asked him about calf stretches and he [...]

The path to 10 wks

Hi all,
I had a full rupture on 24 Aug 2015.  I was doing a crossfit wod which included heavy deadlifts, banded sprints and chest-to-bar pull-ups.  I had never done a banded sprint before, I actually thought we were supposed to do a banded bear crawl which I had done before.  So I picked [...]