4 Days post-op surgery #2

I had my second surgery Friday, August 14. Went for my first post op appt yesterday morning. She was very aggressive in removing spurs/bone. She made a small “peekaboo” cut centrally in the tendon to remove a hardened calcified area on the back side of the tendon. Also removed a hardened spot on the bursa. Then she put in a donor graft around the tendon to strengthen it and give more cushion and glide. Surgery took around 4 hours. Now my left outer thigh (my good leg) is completely numb, I’m told this is due to a pinched nerve from the positioning on the table in the prone position. It should resolve itself on its own.

I had a rough weekend due to my throat being extremely inflamed from the intubation. This led to me getting choked while taking my meds early Sunday morning. My boyfriend woke up to me in bed panicking because I was completely unable to move any air. In his half asleep state he thankfully realized I was not ok and choking. He went to give me the heimlich, but right before he did, the pills somehow shifted enough that I could get a little air. I could breathe some, but it was still stuck and I was unable to talk. I was able to whisper for him to take me to the ER. As I was walking (more like hobbling on crutches) into the ER, the pills finally shifted more and I could breathe a lot better, but still couldn’t talk, so I decided to get checked out anyway. Everything turned out fine. I was just VERY swollen and inflamed from the intubation, plus my throat was very dry…so the pills just stuck and scratched up my vocal cords. That was VERY scary! My throat is finally starting to feel a bit better, but still feels tight.

Ankle seems to be doing better this time around compared to the first surgery. My nerve block lasted around 36 hours, which was heavenly. Pain is much less this time! Thankfully she did not have to detach the tendon this time. Elevating and icing as much as possible. I’m using crutches most of the time, but I’m able to walk a bit without them in the boot around the house. I’m optimistic that this will solve the problems! I went out to eat and socialize tonight (I was good and kept my leg propped up), but I can definitely tell I over did it. Icing and elevating now, plus snuggling with a fluffy, orange kitten (he seems to make everything better). Lol!

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  1. Glad you had someone near you to help. You are having a rough time of it. Do hope things improve this time round.

  2. I truly admire your courage for going through with the surgery, and your positive attitude as well. Hope you’re doing much better now. Keep us updated. We all enjoy hearing the good news. :)

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