Second surgery scheduled

I’m 7.5 months postop Haglund’s removal and Achilles repair. Still having more pain now than before surgery, bone spurs have regrown and bursa is very inflamed. My ankle balloons up with any activity. My doctor has been sharing my case with another foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon. Today we decided to schedule a second surgery for August 14 to remove the regrown bone spurs, apply bone wax, and wrap Achilles with a graft. I believe she said a graftjacket? Not sure, but she said it would be a cadaver graft.

Hopefully this will solve my issues. Does anyone have experience with a graft? She said this surgery should have a much shorter recovery, as she’s not detaching the tendon.

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  1. So sorry to hear you are still in pain Beachy. All the best for your surgery and a great recovery!

  2. Hi Beachy,
    Good to hear your update; I was beginning to worry about you. I had my right ankle fixed Dec 2014. I was rehabbing, walking again, “pain” free (but not discomfort free), and in April, BAM, my left ankle went bad. I had surgery on left ankle July 3 and awaiting cast removal on Monday. In both of my surgeries, they removed both bursas on each ankle. You did not mention if the Dr. was going to remove your bursas… my opinion, “NO bursa, NO swelling = NO pain”. It may be something you might want to talk with your OS about before your surgery. There is another person on this sight who had to have a second surgery on her ankle “mariejones98″. You are not alone in your suffering. Please keep us updated. I hope and pray your second surgery will be a great success.

  3. She will only remove the bursa if it was in bad shape once she got in there. I’ve lost count of how many cortisone injections I’ve into it, so it’s probably not in good shape. Since I’m young and active she wants to leave it if possible to provide cushion. Although, if it needs to be removed, the graft should provide enough cushion and glide. I hope so. She said new X-rays seem to show my bones spurs have started rounding off some.

    I spent the last couple of months hoping that it would just get better. Not willing to live like this.

    What happened to you left “good” ankle? I’m so scared something going to happen to my good foot!

  4. I do not know what causes our heel spurs, haglunds, calcification of tendon at the insertion. Nor does anyone else (Dr. or website) that I have consulted, and I have been searching for answer for several years. In my case, something in my DNA or metabolism made my achilles go bad. I was a waitress for 25 years, but there are a lot of life-time waitresses who do not get this issue. (I am finished with waitressing as a 3 hour shift would kill me now. ) It is not that uncommon for both heels to be bad. I imagine my left ankle already had the issue, but my right one was worse. Pisser of it was, I only had about a week of walking and feeling good about life before my other one went bad (swollen painful, couldn’t put weight on it, etc…just like the right ankle). In both cases, a plain ol x-ray showed the calcification of achilles at the insertion; the MRI showed the extent of the micro-tears. I am happy with the outcome of surgery on ankle #1, and expect the same result with ankle #2. The rehabbing is a bi*ch, but at least we well be able to walk again. I hope for the best for your outcome and recovery. You have been through hell and back with this. I look forward to following your recovery and knowing that all is well with you!

  5. Hi again beachy,
    (my above response sounds dis-jointed because I was having issues with the anti-spam word–cut and pasted, but some was left off)–the reason I do not have a blog-I am not that great with computers.

    So, your OS trying to save your bursas makes sense; I am 52 and have no desire to play volleyball, run a marathon (or run at all) or climb Mt Everest, so I do not miss my bursas at all.

    In case I wasn’t clear above, my left ankle had the same problem as my right (I just did not have any symptoms until rehabbing my right ankle-then POW! ) Swelling, pain, cant put weight on it. So I had the same surgery on the other foot. I just try to be thankful that they can fix it at all, as fixed as it can be. My ankle #1 was about 80% good 4 months after surgery, and we know it takes 6 months to a year to really be healed. So I am optimistic about my other ankle, and I just remember how painful it was before surgery, and look forward to walking my dog again. I know you will also walk without pain again! It is a long road, but what other choice do we have???? Keep us posted.

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