23 weeks

Finally got an appt with foot and ankle ortho for June 10th. Got copies of my X-rays and Drs notes from surgery and visits to take with me. Also, sent all that info to an ortho that’s a friend of my dad’s to get his opinion.

You can clearly see the spur re growth and a very pronounced Kager’s triangle on X-ray. There is very focal edema, tenderness and warmth directly in this area where the spurs have re grown. I’ve been getting cortisone injections every 2-3 weeks directly into the bursa, which definitely to take the edge off, but doesn’t last long. The few hours directly after injection, when it’s still numb from the lidocaine, is absolutely amazing!

Back of heel never had a pronounced bump before surgery, but now it does. Back of heel is still completely numb to the touch, which may be a good thing. Wearing tennis shoes doesn’t hurt the heel since its numb. Still pain with push off. Wearing a lidocaine patch while I’m at work on my feet helps.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever be pain free. I’m not sure I remember what that feels like. Hope to have more answers soon.

3 Responses to “23 weeks”

  1. Goodluck on your next appointment Beachy12 :)

  2. Hoping they find a solution to your pain. Let us know how the appointment goes on the 10th.

  3. You have been through a rough 23 weeks post-surgery, Beachy12. Non-stop pain has got to be very wearing, both physically and mentally. I sure hope the foot & ankle specialist can figure out what’s going on and get you on a better path.

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