21 weeks

Just wanted to update.

Friday will be 21 weeks. I’m back to work a few nights a week. Still painful. Still very inflamed. Saw my dr last week. She said bursa is very swollen and inflamed. Last week’s X-ray showed no additional bone growth from last month, so that’s a plus. She have me a cortisone injection directly into the bursa, second injection since surgery, and will be going back next week to get another one. They are heavenly for the first week, then gradually wear off. She is sending me to Tallahassee to an ortho that specializes in foot and ankle issues. Waiting on an appt with him.

She wanted me to continue using the compounding cream, which I refuse to do! I am NOT putting my pets at risk, no matter how careful I am with it. I talked with her about the pain and my concerns. She assured me the surgery went great, and the tendon was reattached perfectly. Just confused about why it’s still painful on the inside of my heel. My gait is off because it’s painful to put weight on my toes, with push off. Although, I can lift my heel just a smidge off the ground one legged, so that’s a huge plus.

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  1. Hope you get some answers soon and get to the source of your pain. Hopefully the specialist will be able to provide additional insight and you are back on your path to recovery.

  2. Hi Beachy12, I know what you mean about the pain in the heal. I am at 23 weeks/2 days and I also have heel pain and my gait is off especially when I am not concentrating on my step. I go to PT 2-3 times a week 3 hours each time. I have started massage therapy to try and improve the range on my ankle. It takes a lot of time but the progress is very slow.

    My PT is constantly telling me to take it easy and not to worry. It takes time.

    After 23 weeks I thought I would be farther along. If I push it, I get pain and swelling almost instantly. Going for an ultra sound next week on both legs, now my ‘good’ leg is starting to ache in the same spot as the tear on the damaged leg. Maybe just from over use. Or I am just getting paranoid. Who knows. All I know is that you have to take it a day at a time.
    Good luck.

  3. Hey Beachy…nice to see you. I haven’t been around much in the last few weeks just don’t have time to visit the site much anymore…but I wanted to say hey and that I’m glad to hear of the good news you could share, hang in there, I have faith that the rest will work itself out! YAY that.

  4. Kjjet, I’m sorry you’re still having pain, but it’s comforting to know I’m not alone at 20+ weeks with pain. I also thought I’d be much further along! PT discharged me 5 weeks ago, saying there was nothing more they could do since some of my spurs have partially regrown. My ROM is perfect, just pain in the heel with push off. This morning, I’m greatly paying for working last night (8 hours on my feet), and the heel lifts I did. I know the heel lifts put me over the edge.

    Donna, I haven’t been around much either. I guess it’s good that we’re well enough to be busy! How’s your recovery going? Like I said, I’m massively paying for the heel raises I did after work, but it was worth it to see and feel my heel come off the ground ever so slightly. That’s progress, and I’ll take whatever I can get!

  5. Hey Beachy thanks for asking about my recovery. At 28 weeks I’m still challenged by hypersensitivity. Can’t wear normal shoes at all, must be sandals or open back with NO lip, had to return a pair of open back sneakers I tried due to just this little lip at the back rubbing my heel ever so slightly..UGH…so I focus on what I can do…which is not what I want to be doing! HA HA.I really miss my long walks where my body never hurt anywhere. I took up distance walking 5 years ago, day hiking some might call it ,and I can’t get past a certain mileage/speed now…talk about plateaus. Improper shoes, calf not strong enough in terms of endurance, and major cramp/tightness in the whole right side from my back down to my calf from months of physical therapy are showing up, not to mention sore knees just from normal activities like going up and down stairs…I am doing a round of medical massage to address the muscle tension & back pain and have stopped all PT other than walking as tolerated and stretching while I’m getting treated. Since my calf is not near as strong as it was I’ll still need more PT in the future…It’s been good to lay off things for a bit. Massage is helping but it hurts like hell! This isn’t that nice relaxing stuff for sure but I am seeing improvement. Shopping for a house with my significant other is taking up most of my time. YAY normal life!

    Thanks for listening! It sounds frustrating, because it is! That’s why we all “get” each other. This injury is not fun but manageable with the right attitude. YAY that.

  6. Donna-hopefully is is just a plateau and you will be feeling better soon. You have been so supportive to everyone on this site- so we are certainly in your corner. House hunting is so much fun. How exciting- enjoy!

  7. Happy to see you again Donna..all will be well..:)

  8. I am 24 weeks out from repair surgery. Still cannot wear any type shoe with a back. Still cannot walk without a limp. Still in pain when walking. Heel lifts are not an option. I had an MRI Thursday, everything is connected. The found tendentious and swollen. I am so frustrated. I thought this would be a memory by know. Reading others post about similar results is so uplifting. Thank You guys for sharing.

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