Did NOT get a good report

Went for another follow up with my Dr this morning, and we were both shocked with the results. Had X-rays done in her office. Bone spurs have grown back at an alarming rate. We compared X-rays from 12/22 and 2/2, and those are PERFECT! Today I’m showing spurs on the inside of my heel! The X-rays from 2 months ago and today are drastically different! At least it explains all of my pain, and makes me feel like I’m not really losing my mind! X-rays also showed that it is very inflamed, black triangle at back of ankle, can’t think of what it’s called on X-ray. She gave me another cortisone injection to see if that would calm it down, and I’m back in the boot for 2 weeks.

PT said there’s not much more they can do. My PT is calling the Dr to see what the long term plan is. I’m very frustrated and stressed right now! Dr said she’s never seen bone growth like this before. Told me not to worry too much, I go back in a month for more X-rays to see if there’s any change, and we’ll discuss more then.

This isn’t what I wanted to report, I was hoping I was on the road to recovery! It’s just so crazy, the X-rays from Feb show a perfectly smooth heel bone, today is a completely different story! Has anyone had spurs regrow? This fast?

Edit to add:
She made the comment “I bet you thought you were going crazy!” I was so happy to hear her say that! At 4 months post op, I honestly thought I was losing it because of how much pain I’m in, and my beautiful X-ray in February saying all was fine. And the thoughts that others probably think I’m making it up bc it’s been so long. It’s comforting to now have an answer as to why I’m hurting, even though it’s not the outcome I wanted. At least I’m not crazy! This takes such a toll on you!

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  1. Hi can you try go to other doc for 2nd opinion?

  2. I’m looking into it. Trying to see what my insurance will cover. I’m so pissed that these spurs have grown back so damn fast! Seems like I’m back where I started.

    Just spoke with my dad, he has an orthopedic surgeon friend in GA (where I’m from, I currently live in FL). The surgeon’s wife (also his nurse) just called me and I gave her all my info. They’re going to talk it over and call me back.

  3. Geeze Beachy that sucks! Sorry it’s growing back. Let us know what your Dad’s friend says….no you’re not crazy and anyone who doesn’t live with chronic pain can’t possible “get” it…keep surrounding yourself with those who love you no matter what, that will keep your spirits up during this difficult time.

  4. I just had a thought about something called heterotopic ossification. It occurs sometimes after tendons are reattached to the bone and I think doctors can treat for it after surgery with injections. Basically it is extra bone formation in the soft tissue. I am not sure if it applies to your circumstance but it could be worth an ask. Have a google first.

  5. Sorry to hear Beachy. I really hope you’re able to find a solution that works for you.

  6. Quick update to say that I was discharged from PT today. Since pain is coming from bone spurs, there’s nothing else they can do. I’ll continue to do exercises at home. Cortisone shot has worked wonders, but I know that’s only temporary relief. Going to start back work tomorrow and deal with it.

  7. So did you ever find out why the bone spurs grew back so fast?…also I thought they didn’t give cortisone shots to the tendon area as it caused ruptures…please straighten me out on that beachy…and as always I admire your tenacity…you do know how to deal, remember to be good to yourself!

  8. I don’t have an answer yet as to why they’ve grown back so quickly. They usually don’t give cortisone shots if it can be avoided. I chose to have it done to help with the pain. She doesn’t inject the tendon itself, just the surrounding area. She said it can increase my chance of rupture for the first 2 weeks, which is why she put me back in the boot. Hopefully tonight goes well with work.

  9. Thanks for the quick response beachy…Here’s fingers crossed to a pain free period of time for you to get some much needed pain relief! If I remember correctly you have a pretty supportive job, I too hope you have a great night!

  10. Donna, how is the compounding cream you started a few weeks ago going? Helping any? I just got some Friday. Baclofen/cyclobenzaprine/ketoprofen/lidocaine

  11. Hey Beachy…I’ve been on the compounding cream for almost 5 weeks now and I have a two month supply.

    I see your medicines are to treat pain from muscle spasms and to numb from pain - GREAT…hopefully yours will work as well as mine does. I don’t think my pain is anywhere near as constant as yours has been so I only have two meds for pain just different medicines from yours and in addition I have a medicine to treat the bad scar tissue I was getting as well as something to make the scar look better.

    I apply 1gram directly on the tendon 3 to 4 times a day. Mine has Gabapentin for nerve pain - Prilocaine for pain in general - Lapoic acid to break down scar tissue - pentoxoflin to help the skin absorb all the medicines - norisil which is silicon based to help the scar to heal pretty…

    Overall I am very happy with it. I still get what I call “repair site tenderness” but not the intense pain flare ups I had last month. I tried going off it for a few days to see if the flare up pain came back and it did, so I know the stuff is working. The scar itself looks really good, it is less bumpy than it was…the silicone stuff is supposed to be better than products like mederma.

    Let me know how yours works, since it’s four meds just for pain I really think it will work! Crossing my fingers for you.

  12. So glad you’re happy with it! I’m not sure if it’s helping yet, since I just started on Friday, but I’m hopeful!

    Not sure if it would help you, but the rigid taping drastically helped my incision scar. They were only taping the bottom of my incision, since that was all that was needed to correct my inside heel drop. You can definitely tell a difference between the bottom (which was taped) and the top. The bottom is very smooth and lighter. The top is swollen, darker, and puckered. I’d definitely mention it to your PT. Kinesio and rigid taping has made a huge difference in my scar! I’ve also googled this info, and can say that it definitely works. (I wasn’t rigid taping to help the incision itself, it was just a bonus!)

    Although, you wouldn’t be able to apply the compounding cream and have the taping done at the same time.

    Edit: I’m also prescribed 1 gram 4 x a day. I only have a months supply, as my Dr got it comped from the compounding pharmacy. So thankful, as my insurance does not cover it, and I was denied Voltaren.

  13. Thanks for the tip on the taping…I’m going to ask her about it because we are starting Polymetric training tomorrow and have heard it will help give the area support with the start of hopping and jumping movements.

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