1 week 4 days. Surgery #2

Went for my second post op appt this morning. All looks good. She could tell I was more active by the swelling. I’m FWB in a boot at neutral. I’m supposed to be in the boot until 4 weeks, then slowly transition to 2 shoes. I’m in absolutely no hurry to put a shoe on my poor foot. I went to the grocery store and didn’t bring along my crutch, then went home and stood in the kitchen to put together dinner. Oh man, I can definitely tell I over did it. More painful now than it’s been in the last week. I’m trying to go thru the whole heel-to-toe motion while walking in the boot, but it’s just so painful when weight is on my forefoot. I need to make myself stay off of it more. Just makes me crazy sitting on the couch all day asking others to do things for me. Thankfully, a friend came over yesterday to keep me company while my boyfriend was out. Hoping this second surgery will fix everything, and pain will diminish soon. I don’t think I know what a pain free foot and ankle feels like anymore.

The numbness in my left thigh (good leg) is starting to slowly diminish, it still feels very weird to shave my leg though. I also have some numbness in the top of foot and big toe of my surgery foot, I’m think from it being bandaged tightly after surgery. It’s slowly starting to go away too. Following my nightly routine of ice, elevation, and a fluffy kitten to pet!

On a different note, I was given a card with all the information on my donor graft, including where to send a note to be given to the donor’s family. I thought this was very meaningful to be able to thank them for their loved one’s gift. I haven’t written it yet, but definitely plan to do so.

This was last night.

This was 3 days post op.

A bonus kitty picture. A lot of you know I lost my furbaby, Tony Bug, back in April from the topical compounding cream I was using. My heart has finally healed enough to get a new kitten. This is Herbie, I’ve had him for around two months now. He’s the best nurse ever!

4 Days post-op surgery #2

I had my second surgery Friday, August 14. Went for my first post op appt yesterday morning. She was very aggressive in removing spurs/bone. She made a small “peekaboo” cut centrally in the tendon to remove a hardened calcified area on the back side of the tendon. Also removed a hardened spot on the bursa. Then she put in a donor graft around the tendon to strengthen it and give more cushion and glide. Surgery took around 4 hours. Now my left outer thigh (my good leg) is completely numb, I’m told this is due to a pinched nerve from the positioning on the table in the prone position. It should resolve itself on its own.

I had a rough weekend due to my throat being extremely inflamed from the intubation. This led to me getting choked while taking my meds early Sunday morning. My boyfriend woke up to me in bed panicking because I was completely unable to move any air. In his half asleep state he thankfully realized I was not ok and choking. He went to give me the heimlich, but right before he did, the pills somehow shifted enough that I could get a little air. I could breathe some, but it was still stuck and I was unable to talk. I was able to whisper for him to take me to the ER. As I was walking (more like hobbling on crutches) into the ER, the pills finally shifted more and I could breathe a lot better, but still couldn’t talk, so I decided to get checked out anyway. Everything turned out fine. I was just VERY swollen and inflamed from the intubation, plus my throat was very dry…so the pills just stuck and scratched up my vocal cords. That was VERY scary! My throat is finally starting to feel a bit better, but still feels tight.

Ankle seems to be doing better this time around compared to the first surgery. My nerve block lasted around 36 hours, which was heavenly. Pain is much less this time! Thankfully she did not have to detach the tendon this time. Elevating and icing as much as possible. I’m using crutches most of the time, but I’m able to walk a bit without them in the boot around the house. I’m optimistic that this will solve the problems! I went out to eat and socialize tonight (I was good and kept my leg propped up), but I can definitely tell I over did it. Icing and elevating now, plus snuggling with a fluffy, orange kitten (he seems to make everything better). Lol!

Numb good leg?

Quick question because you guys are great. Had surgery on my right Achilles this morning, had a nerve block, so my right leg is nice and numb below the knee. Now my left outter thigh is numb on my good leg. Just really weird, no pain or anything in that leg. Just the numbness. Is this normal? Anyone experience it? I will ask my Dr in the morning when she calls.

I’ll update more later when I’m not so drugged up on meds.

Nervous about 2nd Surgery

So my second surgery is 5 days away. I’m very nervous and anxious. Mainly because I don’t know what she’s doing exactly. Talked with my dr last week, her colleague suggested being very aggressive and completely detaching the tendon again. I said I’d rather not touch the tendon if possible, but gave her the go ahead to use her best judgment to do whatever will give me the best result. That’s where my nervousness comes in, I’m a planner, I like to know exactly what will happen, so I can prepare mentally. I guess I need to prepare for worst case scenario, which is basically the same as my first surgery with the addition of a graft. She will use a graft regardless if the tendon is detached or not. Hopefully, we can just remove the spurs, apply the bone wax, and wrap the tendon with a graft and that’s it.

Second surgery scheduled

I’m 7.5 months postop Haglund’s removal and Achilles repair. Still having more pain now than before surgery, bone spurs have regrown and bursa is very inflamed. My ankle balloons up with any activity. My doctor has been sharing my case with another foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon. Today we decided to schedule a second surgery for August 14 to remove the regrown bone spurs, apply bone wax, and wrap Achilles with a graft. I believe she said a graftjacket? Not sure, but she said it would be a cadaver graft.

Hopefully this will solve my issues. Does anyone have experience with a graft? She said this surgery should have a much shorter recovery, as she’s not detaching the tendon.

23 weeks

Finally got an appt with foot and ankle ortho for June 10th. Got copies of my X-rays and Drs notes from surgery and visits to take with me. Also, sent all that info to an ortho that’s a friend of my dad’s to get his opinion.

You can clearly see the spur re growth and a very pronounced Kager’s triangle on X-ray. There is very focal edema, tenderness and warmth directly in this area where the spurs have re grown. I’ve been getting cortisone injections every 2-3 weeks directly into the bursa, which definitely to take the edge off, but doesn’t last long. The few hours directly after injection, when it’s still numb from the lidocaine, is absolutely amazing!

Back of heel never had a pronounced bump before surgery, but now it does. Back of heel is still completely numb to the touch, which may be a good thing. Wearing tennis shoes doesn’t hurt the heel since its numb. Still pain with push off. Wearing a lidocaine patch while I’m at work on my feet helps.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever be pain free. I’m not sure I remember what that feels like. Hope to have more answers soon.

21 weeks

Just wanted to update.

Friday will be 21 weeks. I’m back to work a few nights a week. Still painful. Still very inflamed. Saw my dr last week. She said bursa is very swollen and inflamed. Last week’s X-ray showed no additional bone growth from last month, so that’s a plus. She have me a cortisone injection directly into the bursa, second injection since surgery, and will be going back next week to get another one. They are heavenly for the first week, then gradually wear off. She is sending me to Tallahassee to an ortho that specializes in foot and ankle issues. Waiting on an appt with him.

She wanted me to continue using the compounding cream, which I refuse to do! I am NOT putting my pets at risk, no matter how careful I am with it. I talked with her about the pain and my concerns. She assured me the surgery went great, and the tendon was reattached perfectly. Just confused about why it’s still painful on the inside of my heel. My gait is off because it’s painful to put weight on my toes, with push off. Although, I can lift my heel just a smidge off the ground one legged, so that’s a huge plus.

Pet Death and Topical Pain Medication

I don’t have words for this. I just randomly came across this link while reading something totally unrelated. My kitty, who was my four legged child, suddenly died on Wednesday. I still am devastated. I just came across this link, and have probably found the answer. I had been using the pain cream for 6 days. I don’t have words for how I feel. Maybe this can save another kitty’s life.



Did NOT get a good report

Went for another follow up with my Dr this morning, and we were both shocked with the results. Had X-rays done in her office. Bone spurs have grown back at an alarming rate. We compared X-rays from 12/22 and 2/2, and those are PERFECT! Today I’m showing spurs on the inside of my heel! The X-rays from 2 months ago and today are drastically different! At least it explains all of my pain, and makes me feel like I’m not really losing my mind! X-rays also showed that it is very inflamed, black triangle at back of ankle, can’t think of what it’s called on X-ray. She gave me another cortisone injection to see if that would calm it down, and I’m back in the boot for 2 weeks.

PT said there’s not much more they can do. My PT is calling the Dr to see what the long term plan is. I’m very frustrated and stressed right now! Dr said she’s never seen bone growth like this before. Told me not to worry too much, I go back in a month for more X-rays to see if there’s any change, and we’ll discuss more then.

This isn’t what I wanted to report, I was hoping I was on the road to recovery! It’s just so crazy, the X-rays from Feb show a perfectly smooth heel bone, today is a completely different story! Has anyone had spurs regrow? This fast?

Edit to add:
She made the comment “I bet you thought you were going crazy!” I was so happy to hear her say that! At 4 months post op, I honestly thought I was losing it because of how much pain I’m in, and my beautiful X-ray in February saying all was fine. And the thoughts that others probably think I’m making it up bc it’s been so long. It’s comforting to now have an answer as to why I’m hurting, even though it’s not the outcome I wanted. At least I’m not crazy! This takes such a toll on you!

Some answers

Quick update!
I was evaluated by a different PT in my facility yesterday. She helped me so much! She had me stand, walk around, she very closely examined my foot and ankle. She noticed a very small difference in my good vs bad foot. I’m not sure on the terminology she used, but she said the area of the inside of my heel is dropping. I think she used the term valgus. She said it is very hard to notice, and no wonder I’m in pain, the more I stand with that area dropping, the more painful it gets.

Anyway, she taped me up with rigid tape to keep the area from dropping. She said the area is very inflamed! She worked on massaging the area to try to get it down. Gave me some inversion exercises to only do 3 times a week. She seemed very confident that this was the problem. She said strengthening my arch and taping should help. It seems more painful today, but that may be because she corrected the way I stand with the tape (leave it on for 3-4 days). I’m very hopeful that we’re on the right path!