6 Month Update

Dropping by for a 6 month update since it has been a while since I posted. Overall, things are progressing about as well as I could hope.

Flexibility - I’m about 90-95% of what I used to be for my injured ankle. Each morning my tendon is still stiff, so I spend a few minutes stretching it out again. Gradually throughout the day it loosens up, and after biking or running it feels close to normal. My slight concern is with full extension for plantar flexion. I don’t seem to have full extension ability and haven’t seen much if any progress there.

Strength - I can currently do about 6 single leg calf raises before my injured leg starts needing help. Gyms are still closed, so I have been limited to calf raises and not had access to weight machines.

Return to activities - I started doing small jumping drills and the agility ladder (slowly). I have been biking no problem, I just don’t have full strength to sprint or climb very well. Running has been a process to ease back into it. I have worked up to doing intervals of 3 minutes walking and 4 minutes running at an 8 min/mile pace (three sets).

Soreness - My injured leg does get sore after pushing things hard. I continue to ice, and that has helped as I have not had any soreness linger more than a day.

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