Week 15-18

I am now to the point where I don’t see much change day-to-day. but have been seeing improvement each week. I have made it to the point where I don’t have a limp when I walk. Calf muscle strengthening and full range of motion are the two things I am working on now. My achilles has stretched out well, the ankle joint itself has been slower to come along. For example, when I do the runners stretch I feel the tension on the front of my ankle first before the achilles stretches.

I have progressively increased the amount of walking I do each week, and have been working with a bosu ball on balance and flexibility. I continue to bike as well, and I estimate I am at 80% strength of my pre-injury capability.

Hoping to get to try running out at the beginning of May as the next goal, which would be the 5 month mark for me.

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