My Journey (Week 1-6)

Hi All - I will post my recovery updates on this post each week.

Surgery - 11/26

Week 1 - (Starting 11/26)
Leg Elevation: 24/7
Mobility: NWB, crutches

Exercise: None
Rehab: No specific rehab work
Notes: My goal was to survive this week as best I could by getting off pain medication quickly and keeping swelling in check. I iced regularly and kept my leg elevated - when my leg wasn’t elevated it was painful. Sleeping was also difficult.

Week 2
Leg Elevation: 24/7
Splint, Moved into boot with one wedge when staples removed at day 10
Mobility: NWB, crutches

Exercise: After day 10, I went to the gym for the first time to do the upper body circuit trainer (20 min)
Rehab: When I moved into the boot, I was instructed to take it off throughout the day and to begin to try to move my foot back and forth.
Notes: Same. Much more comfortable to shower as the boot is removable

Week 3
Leg Elevation: 24/7
Boot with 1 wedge
Mobility: NWB, crutches

Exercise: Upper Extremity Circuit Trainer and Weight lifting (80% of normal weight, machines only) two times per week
Rehab: Same
Notes: Same

Week 4
Leg Elevation: 24/7
Boot with 1 wedge
Mobility: NWB, crutches. Had a check-in with the surgeon halfway through the week and was instructed to begin PWB with a goal to work towards moving to 2 shoes during week 7.

Exercise: Upper Extremity Circuit Trainer and Weight lifting (80% of normal weight, machines only) two times per week
Rehab: Same
Notes: Same

Week 5
Leg Elevation: 24/7
Boot with 1 wedge
Mobility: PWB. Started the week just standing and putting weight through my leg to get it used to the feeling. PWB with two crutches has been no issue, but halfway through the week I was still struggling to get close to using 1 crutch. It has taken the whole week, but I am mostly using one crutch - I still use two crutches in crowded places.

Exercise: Walking - it is winter in MN, so I go to the mall and walk around inside. I spend 45-60 min there in total, but take plenty of breaks. Weight lifting (Normal weight, machines only) two times per week.
Rehab: Same
Notes: This week has been great for the mental side of things. Getting down to one crutch for most instances has been a first sign of progress. Swelling does go up slightly after I walk for a while.

Week 6
Leg Elevation: After work hours
Boot with 1 wedge
Mobility: FWB. Started the week ensuring I was comfortable using one crutch. Halfway through the week I was able to transition to FWB. I still bring both crutches with me everywhere I go just in case.

Exercise: Walking - I go about 1.5 miles. I start out with one crutch to warm up, then slowly moved to spending more time with no crutches as the week went on. Weight lifting (Normal weight, machines only) two times per week.
Rehab: Same
Notes: It feels great to get to FWB. I progressed slowly from two-crutches, to one crutch, to FWB compared to many others on this site. It took me just over two weeks to go from 2 crutches (and clearance to weight bear) to FWB. I took it slow and made sure my form was good at each stage. I feel like I could have moved faster if I wasn’t as concerned with form, but I didn’t want to pick up another joint injury from compensating for poor form.

7 Responses to “My Journey (Week 1-6)”

  1. Something must have been in the air on 11/20 since that is when I ruptured mine as well. Thank you for sharing your recovery.. I’m a little jealous you’re already at PWB. I’m doing what I can with ROM from home so that at the 6 week mark my muscles are ready to activate.

  2. Hang in there. The first several weeks are the toughest by far. Once you can start walking in the boot, your life will improve dramatically. I’m almost 6 months post surgery and aside from tightness in the Achilles, I’m almost back to normal. Good luck!

  3. Lauren - Sorry to hear that, 11/20 was quite a day! You will get to PWB soon enough, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds so far. I will keep posting so we can compare recoveries and what is working well.

    Paul - Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Hi bdill
    I wish you all the luck with your recovery.

    I ruptured my archilles [full tear] on the 27th on Nov playing indoor soccer and had surgery on the 29th of Nov.

    I am 4 weeks and 3 days post op.

    After 12 days i was put into an aircast with 1 wedge.
    Started pwb not long after that.

    Was fwb at 3 weeks on 2 crutches and had the wedge removed by my pt at the same time. So i just have the standard aircast sole in now.

    I have been fwb on 1 crutch for the past 3 days.

    Recovery seems to be going well.
    Just feel a little scared that im going too quick, although im under the guidance of my pt.

    Was very active beforw the atr and have been trying to maintain weight training at the gym.[unfortunately no more cardio for a long time].

    Please keep your blog updated. I would love to follow how your recovery is going as im just behind you in terms of time post op.

  5. Yeah. I know how you feel. I’m out of another winter sports season. No snowboarding or skiing.

  6. It’s kind of funny because my injury happened the same exact way (same activity and everything) exactly a week before yours. Hope all is going well!

  7. I will often visit your shared posts, I hope to work with you.

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