13 weeks update - back to rowing

It’s 13 weeks since my rupture and to my utter delight, my physio cleared me for rowing this week. I had done a few sessions one-legged ergometer training and had also done a short trip in a rowing boat - with the boat - just using one leg but i was cleared to start using [...]

11 weeks and swimming

I’m 11 weeks post rupture now - I’ve been in shoes for 3 weeks and I feel like I’m slowly getting back to normal.
I’ve been driving a car for two weeks now.  Shortly after my last post (at 9 weeks) I felt I had been moving enough to try to use the car.  It was [...]

My first week in two shoes

I’m 9 weeks post injury tomorrow and will have completed one week in shoes.
I have mixed feelings - feeling very pleased that I can walk - albeit very slow and with a slight limb. I haven’t really used my crutches so the transition has been easy and I’ve only used the boot the first two [...]

8 weeks post rupture - 2 shoes

I went for my 8 weeks check up today and as hoped and expected, my doctor told me I was ready to leave the boot behind and start to walk in shoes again.  I had myself mentally prepared for this for the past week or so and had started to sleep without the boot and [...]

5 weeks and walking!!

Here we are - five weeks in the boot and I am crutch free!
My protocol allowed me to start full weight bearing after 4 weeks in the boot and I have tried most of last week to get there.  I watched plenty of videos on you tube of how to get there but struggled a [...]

When can i start rowing again?

I am a keen rower and with our lakes here in Copenhagen finally being ice-free, I am gutted that I am missing the start of the season.  However, it seems like indoor  rowing is one of the first training activities people can take up again and I’ve seen people posting about rowing with one leg off [...]

Ditching the crutches - or trying to…

Hi everyone,
I ruptured my achilles tendon 4 weeks ago.  I was at a party and after 3 hours of dancing, during which i had kicked off my shoes, i felt like someone had kicked me really hard in the leg (at some point when we were jumping up and down like crazy).  I managed to [...]