11 weeks and swimming

I’m 11 weeks post rupture now - I’ve been in shoes for 3 weeks and I feel like I’m slowly getting back to normal.

I’ve been driving a car for two weeks now.  Shortly after my last post (at 9 weeks) I felt I had been moving enough to try to use the car.  It was definitely quite a shock to the system to push the brake and I felt very conscious the first couple of days - but once you get back to the hang of it, it feels very normal.  I don’t drive long distances yet but did about two times 30 minutes drives today and no issues whatsoever.

I also started swimming last week (10 weeks) - and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone! I was very cautious the first time i had to walk in a wet area and get myself in the water.  The first strokes felt so weird and I was astonished how weak the leg was that even a few breaststrokes felt unnatural.  However, all the swelling which had accumulated after a day at work disappeared after 40 minutes in the pool.  I went for my third swim session today and could feel a massive difference in strength - and many laps without a problem (only breaststroke though - crawl stroke hurts my AT).  Surprisingly - my ankle has been less swollen today - which i suspect is due to the morning swim. I can’t really explain it - but it just works for me.

I went to see my physio for the first time this week and was a bit disappointed as she clearly is taking a conservative approach.  No rowing whatsoever until July - no squats(!) - I didn’t tell her i had already started!!   I don’t think she is particularly experienced in AT ruptures as she seemed very surprised that I didn’t have surgery and also suggested that my limp was a mental issue…. I mentioned I thought it was due to the fact that I couldn’t stand on my toes but she said it was something else… I have only lived in Denmark for 3 years and am new to the healthcare system here.  Given that everything is free and works - and people are quite fuss free - i am kind of going with the flow.  However, I may get a private physio if I am not getting over the impression that she is clueless re AT rehabilitation.  I am so grateful for all the people who have uploaded great videos about their recovery - Agnes, you’re a star!!

So all in all very good progress.  Apart from sport, I am doing the same things as I was doing pre-injury and i am walking faster each day.  We are visiting the Canadian Rockies in July so my goal is to properly walk on uneven surfaces in 4 weeks time.  I have no big hikes planned (as we have a 5 and 7 yr old) but I want to be able to properly sight see without massive pain.  Lots of work ahead of me to get there :)-

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  1. Your PT person sounds pretty clueless to me. You are probably limping because your taking too big a stride. Take smaller steps - as small as you need to walk normally without a limp. The achilles can’t stretch as much right now so you have to take smaller steps. As it heals and your PT improves it’s flexibility you can take longer strides. Agnes talked about it in her blog. And, as you walk/move more the swelling will decrease since the natural pumping action that happens when you walk helps pump all the fluids around so they don’t pool in your foot/ankle. You should definitely be able to do rowing with one foot - again flexibility is what will limit your ability to use the ATR foot. You have to flex the strapped in foot quite a bit when you row and it takes a while for your injured achilles to get that flexibility back.

  2. Wow! It’s wonderful to read about your progress. Glad that each swim has brought more strength, reduction of swelling, and joy. I also appreciate hearing about the caution you exercised getting into the water! I am one week post-surgery and preparing soon to start “moving about the cabin” more — nwb for 4 weeks is the current plan, so the issue of how to take care but not be shut down by fear is lively!
    So glad

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