My first week in two shoes

I’m 9 weeks post injury tomorrow and will have completed one week in shoes.

I have mixed feelings - feeling very pleased that I can walk - albeit very slow and with a slight limb. I haven’t really used my crutches so the transition has been easy and I’ve only used the boot the first two days.  I am now going everywhere in shoes and am even comfortable in flip flops (vionics were a worth every penny). On the other hand, I am again confronted with the fact that this injury takes a loooooong time to heal and that i still have major limitations.  I knew this - from reading everyone’s blogs - however, you don’t really know until you experience it.  I am already so fed up with the tight feeling in my leg when i wake up.

However, the good news is that I can see progress every day.  I am walking a lot (relatively) - and that helps a lot.  Did 12,000 steps today and whilst there is some swelling to my leg - it isn’t massive and i’m not in pain.  Frustratingly, my first PT appointment is only in 2 weeks and I have some standard exercises to do which don’t give me much (seated heel raises and exercise with the ball).  As I’ve read many others saying how important walking is, I’ve decided to focus on getting a good walk every day.

I’ve also invested in the Bauerfeld Achillotrain sleeve.  Very expensive at about EUR 70 and the hospital told me not to use it too much as my leg needs to get used to getting around without support.   However, i used it last night to go out and it really makes the walk easier - as it removes some of the tightness in the leg.  I also used it to go to a playground last week (day 2 in shoes) and it made me feel more comfortable (although rest of my leg had swollen up quite a bit after 3 hours in the sleeve).

I have to keep reminding myself of the dangerzone i am in - and that I really can’t overdo it the next few weeks.  With my body and mind pushing me to take the next steps - I hope i can remain patient!

Good healing!

3 Responses to “My first week in two shoes”

  1. Been there myself some 6-7 weeks ago - I am now on week 16.
    I started going to the gym and swimming pool at week 9 or 10. It’s very individual, by just see how it goes for you. I actually never had a single PT session and have been doing stretching exercises - with resistance bands - every morning since then.
    Just don’t take it too hard and take one step at a time. It will heal one day =)

  2. Wondering which vionics you purchased?

  3. I think they’re called ‘islander sandals’ - see link below

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