8 weeks post rupture - 2 shoes

I went for my 8 weeks check up today and as hoped and expected, my doctor told me I was ready to leave the boot behind and start to walk in shoes again.  I had myself mentally prepared for this for the past week or so and had started to sleep without the boot and also carefully put my foot on the floor.  As none of that hurt - i had been hopeful that everything was healing well and i was obviously very relieved to hear the doctors confirm that.  Both my doctor and physiotherapist insisted that i should leave the boot and not use it again.  Having read so many stories here - I told them i wanted to keep it - in case i needed it for transitioning.

Walking is easier than i thought - it goes slow - and my physio told me i can’t take the same strides with both legs just yet as it puts to much pressure on the achilles.  However, I am walking - in shoes - without crutches - so am thrilled with the progress.  I am convinced that the three weeks of FWB in the booth have been very helpful to transition to this new stage of the shoes.  Whilst i was walking slowly in the beginning - i was moving very confidently in the boot in the last week and my legs at least got used to moving around again. After two months with little exercise - i am dying to do some cardio training.  That’s partly why i kept the boot - I’ll start the one-leg rowing this weekend.

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