11 weeks and swimming

I’m 11 weeks post rupture now - I’ve been in shoes for 3 weeks and I feel like I’m slowly getting back to normal.
I’ve been driving a car for two weeks now.  Shortly after my last post (at 9 weeks) I felt I had been moving enough to try to use the car.  It was [...]

My first week in two shoes

I’m 9 weeks post injury tomorrow and will have completed one week in shoes.
I have mixed feelings - feeling very pleased that I can walk - albeit very slow and with a slight limb. I haven’t really used my crutches so the transition has been easy and I’ve only used the boot the first two [...]

8 weeks post rupture - 2 shoes

I went for my 8 weeks check up today and as hoped and expected, my doctor told me I was ready to leave the boot behind and start to walk in shoes again.  I had myself mentally prepared for this for the past week or so and had started to sleep without the boot and [...]