5 weeks and walking!!

Here we are - five weeks in the boot and I am crutch free!

My protocol allowed me to start full weight bearing after 4 weeks in the boot and I have tried most of last week to get there.  I watched plenty of videos on you tube of how to get there but struggled a lot.  I simply could not get myself to bear enough weight on the injured leg.  Like many others, something just clicked yesterday and suddenly I was walking with just one crutch in a smooth way.  I was so proud and excited that I could finally do that - and indeed, the simple joy of carrying your own cup of tea….

I took out the second wedge last night and was a bit worried I would not be able to continue my progress but to my own surprise, i just dropped the other crutch today as well and am now officially full weight bearing.

For those who are struggling to get to that stage - i can only echo what other people have said.  Be patient - it will come.  What helped me eventually was doing some seated weight bearing - I started to put some weight on the foot whilst i was sitting - just to get a feeling of putting weight on.  It helped me also to roll fully through the boot - from the heel all the ways to the toes and I felt the pressure on the toes (without it hurting).

As always - grateful for all the input and info from the other people on this blog- It really helps!

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  1. how many wedges do you have in at 5 weeks? i’m in the aircast and still have it at 20 degrees and have the rocker sole on. i can walk without crutches but it isn’t smooth as the heel on the boot is so awkward. i’m 4w4d post surgery.

  2. I started with 4 wedges and took the first one out after 4 weeks. At 5 weeks I took out the second one and that coincided with the full weigh bearing
    I am now down to 1 wedge (removed last night) and I can feel that there is more pressure on the heel - which is a bit sensitive.
    I bought one of those ‘even ups’ as it really helps to have your hips not out of control.

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