When can i start rowing again?

I am a keen rower and with our lakes here in Copenhagen finally being ice-free, I am gutted that I am missing the start of the season.  However, it seems like indoor  rowing is one of the first training activities people can take up again and I’ve seen people posting about rowing with one leg off the machine - or rowing with the boot on etc.

I have not started PT yet but when I was in the hospital just after I got my boot - they told me I could start probably after 8 weeks provided I didn’t do it properly (ie mainly using upper body).

I’d love to hear other’s experiences with rowing.  I want to start using the rowing machines as soon as possible with the ultimate aim to get as soon as possible back in a boat on the lakes.

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  1. I started rowing with just one foot on at the gym at 4 weeks after surgery. My doc insisted on 3 weeks of elevation at least 90% of the time and after that I took another week to get used to moving around a lot more and then started hitting the gym to do one footed or seated exercises. While you’re in the boot it is impossible to have that foot on the rower since you can’t bend as much as you typically do on a rowing machine. Even after I was allowed to start PWB (and was allowed to remove the boot for exercises) my achilles did not have the flexibility I needed for quite a while on the rower so I was doing one footed rowing for many months. The key thing in the early stages is DON’T stress things as they heal. You can check out my blog (http://achillesblog.com/cserpent) in the early months where I describe the exercises I did at the gym and put links to a couple of YouTube videos for 1-footed exercises. Also http://achillesblog.com/agnesatr/ shows a lot of exercises she did in the various stages of recovery.

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