5 weeks and walking!!

Here we are - five weeks in the boot and I am crutch free!

My protocol allowed me to start full weight bearing after 4 weeks in the boot and I have tried most of last week to get there.  I watched plenty of videos on you tube of how to get there but struggled a lot.  I simply could not get myself to bear enough weight on the injured leg.  Like many others, something just clicked yesterday and suddenly I was walking with just one crutch in a smooth way.  I was so proud and excited that I could finally do that - and indeed, the simple joy of carrying your own cup of tea….

I took out the second wedge last night and was a bit worried I would not be able to continue my progress but to my own surprise, i just dropped the other crutch today as well and am now officially full weight bearing.

For those who are struggling to get to that stage - i can only echo what other people have said.  Be patient - it will come.  What helped me eventually was doing some seated weight bearing - I started to put some weight on the foot whilst i was sitting - just to get a feeling of putting weight on.  It helped me also to roll fully through the boot - from the heel all the ways to the toes and I felt the pressure on the toes (without it hurting).

As always - grateful for all the input and info from the other people on this blog- It really helps!

When can i start rowing again?

I am a keen rower and with our lakes here in Copenhagen finally being ice-free, I am gutted that I am missing the start of the season.  However, it seems like indoor  rowing is one of the first training activities people can take up again and I’ve seen people posting about rowing with one leg off the machine - or rowing with the boot on etc.

I have not started PT yet but when I was in the hospital just after I got my boot - they told me I could start probably after 8 weeks provided I didn’t do it properly (ie mainly using upper body).

I’d love to hear other’s experiences with rowing.  I want to start using the rowing machines as soon as possible with the ultimate aim to get as soon as possible back in a boat on the lakes.

Ditching the crutches - or trying to…

Hi everyone,

I ruptured my achilles tendon 4 weeks ago.  I was at a party and after 3 hours of dancing, during which i had kicked off my shoes, i felt like someone had kicked me really hard in the leg (at some point when we were jumping up and down like crazy).  I managed to make my way home in a taxi - iced the leg for a bit - and managed to make my way to bed.  I went to the emergency room the next morning where they confirmed that I had fully ruptured my achilles tendon. I opted for the conservative method and was given the romWalker boot and crutches.  I was told to do non-weight bearing for the first four weeks and then progress to full weight bearing after that, whilst also removing a wedge in the boot, every week.

I somehow managed to survive the first four weeks and have started to walk on the boot with the crutches. This goes very well and i am generally pain free.  My leg is swollen after a full day at work but I have gathered that this is to be expecte

However, I am now trying to start to walk with just one crutch but am find it very difficult to have any kind of normal walking pattern.  Instead, I find myself limping and barely manage to get the good leg next to the injured one.

Any tips on how I can ditch the crutches  - whilst maintaining a kind of normal gait?