Two Shoes

Hello everyone…here I am 4.5 mos. from injury and slightly less from surgery. Improvement continues and am in two shoes with not too much discomfort…dress shoes are tough though. Back to the gym, lifting and cardio, bike and elliptical. PT is completed and I am working on my own for stretching and strength…my right calf [...]

Physical Therapist aka Physical Terrorist

Hi all,
Almost 11 weeks since ATR and 9 weeks since surgery. I was released out of FWB two weeks ago and into PT this week. After 3 sessions my achilles is still tight and still a bit of drainage from the incision (another round of Keflex) but all seems to be progressing. Had three PT [...]


My first time blogging in any forum, please forgive me if I mess up. I am 10 weeks ATR and 8 weeks post-op with FWB CAM. Here is the condensed chronology-
Fell doing a round-off at beach, yeah I know! Went to ER and they said they could do nothing and it was a holiday, saw [...]

Hello world!

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