Two Shoes

Hello everyone…here I am 4.5 mos. from injury and slightly less from surgery. Improvement continues and am in two shoes with not too much discomfort…dress shoes are tough though. Back to the gym, lifting and cardio, bike and elliptical. PT is completed and I am working on my own for stretching and strength…my right calf is 16″ and my left was 13″ a few weeks ago before I started lifting again…suspect it might be 13.5″ this part will be slow, but it is happening. For those of you early in the process, if your recovery happens similarly to mine, you will have ups and downs but it will improve. For me, I figured out when the next break through was going to happen because I would have a really bad day and then the next day I was at the next level of recovery, weird how the body works. Take care all.

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  1. Hi BC Mooney, I can’t agree more, you just start thinking that you have not made any progress in ages, then suddenly it happens! Great to hear how well you are doing!

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