Physical Therapist aka Physical Terrorist

Hi all,

Almost 11 weeks since ATR and 9 weeks since surgery. I was released out of FWB two weeks ago and into PT this week. After 3 sessions my achilles is still tight and still a bit of drainage from the incision (another round of Keflex) but all seems to be progressing. Had three PT sessions this week and my therapist is laughing at me saying she never sees anyone come in this fast as strong as me, guess that is a good thing. Downside is she has adapted the program to adapt to my strength level, but that is really a good thing and should get me back to full function faster. I also started back at the gym this week on the stationary bike, 30 minutes on level 6, went well. My plan is to begin upper body machines this week and then after 3 more weeks of PT add legs to the routine.

Goal is to compete in one last bodybuilding contest (Masters Division) summer of 2014.

Stay well and keep with the program, you will heal.


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  1. Sounds like you have a plan! You are in two shoes at this point? Keep us posted on your progress. It sounds like if anyone can get back calf symmetry, it will be you. Any tips you can offer down the road would be greatly appreciated :) Best of luck!

  2. All I can say thus far is there are up days and down days, and your body will tell you when enough is too much…today was one of those days for me.

  3. I seem to read a lot about the ups and downs. Don’t be too hard on your self.

  4. Thanks to Kellygirl…I don’t mind the ups and downs so much as I stress that I am going to move backwards…for example, been having some burning in the tendon and everything I read seems to be not good relative to this symptom. Had my Physical Therapist take a look today and she just thinks I may have over did it a bit, quite a bit of swelling too. I hate to keep going back to my Ortho. but worried I could have re-injured, but have not really been doing much outside walking and PT…no falls, nothing out of ordinary and I am now 11 weeks post surgery…ugh!

  5. If you haven’t had any major mishaps, I’m guessing you just over did it. Obvious as it seems, incremental seems the wisest path although if you don’t over do it a little, you will not know your limits (gleaned from something Norm wrote here, somewhere.) Hang in there and rest up. Hopefully someone surgical and further along will chime in.

  6. I had some burning there too at your stage which worried me, well, everything worries me to be honest, but i’m 13+ weeks now and it settled a couple of weeks ago, still sore when I “overdo it”, but no burning. So difficult to guage. Gradually you’ll get many more up days than down days…..result!

  7. Thanks to micha1, appreciate all the exchanges on here, really helps…I worry about everything too. :)

  8. I hope you’ll post again soon. Big thanks for the good info.

  9. Sorry for the long gap in posts…10 mos. after surgery and back to full workouts, left calf still about 2″ smaller than right, but definitely coming back. Tendon feels tighter that right one but no pain or discomfort, it all comes back with time.

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