My first time blogging in any forum, please forgive me if I mess up. I am 10 weeks ATR and 8 weeks post-op with FWB CAM. Here is the condensed chronology-
Fell doing a round-off at beach, yeah I know! Went to ER and they said they could do nothing and it was a holiday, saw Ortho a few days later and they sent me for MRI which confirmed full tear. Surgery one week after ATR. Cast for first 10 days, then boot since PWB-FWB at 6 weeks, Week 6 also surgery incision infected, they told me not to wear sock or dressing after cast and I have dogs which does not help, but they did not talk about dogs until after it was infected…but Keflex seems to have worked. Now at nearing 8 weeks and in two they plan to remove boot into two shoes.
If anyone can make comment I would appreciate…still quite a bit of pain in heel (mostly bottom) but sometimes at bottom very back of ankle. Lots of pins and needles especially on left side of ankle. Tendon feels good and solid and I wrap it each day and still use anti-biotic ointment on it…still get a little bit of yellow ooze each day. Anyway, I sit on my couch with foot down, walk FWB and then sit at my desk during day, could I possible re-rupture with this type of activity with boot on by walking and sitting straight up? Anyway, kind of stressing. I feel like the worst thing that could possibly happen is to have to go through the surgery and post-op again, comments. Pain yesterday was sufficient enough to have to call in for refills on anti-inflammatory and oxycodone, PA said if pain continues or if I really feel the need I could move up my app. waiting on scheduler to call back now…

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  1. Sorry to hear that you are in pain. I’m not an expert but it seems like as long as your leg is immobilized in the boot that it cannot rupture. I’m sure some one will correct me if I’m wrong but they are designed to immobilize the AT.

    I’m non-op so I haven’t experience with the wound. The pain might be due to the inflammation from the infection. I hope that you are able to find relief and that you can move up your appointment for peace of mind. I’m sure some one more knowledgeable will chime in.

    Welcome aboard! LOL–re: the round off. I think you should change it to a standing back flip :)

  2. Sad stuff, and good luck. Check all your antibiotics and make sure they’re not in the quinolone family, which is known to attack ATs. It IS possible to rerupture in a cast or boot, mostly if something — usually fear of falling — causes your brain to tell your calf muscle to pull super-hard on your AT. In a serious trip or slip, it’s hard not to. Very rarely, severe calf-muscle spasms can also damage a healing AT.

  3. Thanks for the comments, looks like I will be able to see the ortho. on Monday, fingers crossed.

    @kellygirl, thinking standing back flip not a good idea either. :-)

  4. Well saw the Dr. and he took me out of the boot, back into 2 shoes, pretty tight and some pain in the heel. Start PT tomorrow…

  5. How did you get infected at 6 weeks? Was the wound not completely healed by then?

  6. Got infected because no consideration was given to the fact I have pets and they did not dress the incision would line after they removed the cast. The incision really dried out and cracked after the case and there we went…

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