Two Shoes

Hello everyone…here I am 4.5 mos. from injury and slightly less from surgery. Improvement continues and am in two shoes with not too much discomfort…dress shoes are tough though. Back to the gym, lifting and cardio, bike and elliptical. PT is completed and I am working on my own for stretching and strength…my right calf is 16″ and my left was 13″ a few weeks ago before I started lifting again…suspect it might be 13.5″ this part will be slow, but it is happening. For those of you early in the process, if your recovery happens similarly to mine, you will have ups and downs but it will improve. For me, I figured out when the next break through was going to happen because I would have a really bad day and then the next day I was at the next level of recovery, weird how the body works. Take care all.

Physical Therapist aka Physical Terrorist

Hi all,

Almost 11 weeks since ATR and 9 weeks since surgery. I was released out of FWB two weeks ago and into PT this week. After 3 sessions my achilles is still tight and still a bit of drainage from the incision (another round of Keflex) but all seems to be progressing. Had three PT sessions this week and my therapist is laughing at me saying she never sees anyone come in this fast as strong as me, guess that is a good thing. Downside is she has adapted the program to adapt to my strength level, but that is really a good thing and should get me back to full function faster. I also started back at the gym this week on the stationary bike, 30 minutes on level 6, went well. My plan is to begin upper body machines this week and then after 3 more weeks of PT add legs to the routine.

Goal is to compete in one last bodybuilding contest (Masters Division) summer of 2014.

Stay well and keep with the program, you will heal.



My first time blogging in any forum, please forgive me if I mess up. I am 10 weeks ATR and 8 weeks post-op with FWB CAM. Here is the condensed chronology-
Fell doing a round-off at beach, yeah I know! Went to ER and they said they could do nothing and it was a holiday, saw Ortho a few days later and they sent me for MRI which confirmed full tear. Surgery one week after ATR. Cast for first 10 days, then boot since PWB-FWB at 6 weeks, Week 6 also surgery incision infected, they told me not to wear sock or dressing after cast and I have dogs which does not help, but they did not talk about dogs until after it was infected…but Keflex seems to have worked. Now at nearing 8 weeks and in two they plan to remove boot into two shoes.
If anyone can make comment I would appreciate…still quite a bit of pain in heel (mostly bottom) but sometimes at bottom very back of ankle. Lots of pins and needles especially on left side of ankle. Tendon feels good and solid and I wrap it each day and still use anti-biotic ointment on it…still get a little bit of yellow ooze each day. Anyway, I sit on my couch with foot down, walk FWB and then sit at my desk during day, could I possible re-rupture with this type of activity with boot on by walking and sitting straight up? Anyway, kind of stressing. I feel like the worst thing that could possibly happen is to have to go through the surgery and post-op again, comments. Pain yesterday was sufficient enough to have to call in for refills on anti-inflammatory and oxycodone, PA said if pain continues or if I really feel the need I could move up my app. waiting on scheduler to call back now…

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