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So I went in for my second post-op appointment. When they took off the cast I noticed three things. First, how ridiculously hairy my leg is (not even a little bit important but still gross lol.) Second, how small my calf is. I had read others’ stories telling how small their calves looked but I guess I wasn’t really expecting it to be SO small. It is about half the size of my other calf. But I guess that is to be expected considering I haven’t used the calf muscle in over 40 days. And third, how NOT swollen my Achilles area is. It is actually looking really nice.

The doctor said everything is looking good and that there were two different ways to go from here. He said I would either be put in a boot or back into a cast. However I wasn’t actually given the choice. Since I am 18 and he was “born and bred New Yorker” he doesn’t trust me, which means no boot yet. He was afraid that I would be laying down with the boot off and then the phone would ring or something and I would “run to get it.”

So all this means I’m in another (non-weight bearing) cast for two weeks. He originally said three weeks but since I am going back to college at the end of the month (THAT’s going to be fun) he wanted to get me started on some PT before I left. So I’m in the cast and will officially have been on crutches my entire summer. Awesome.

When I go back in two weeks he’ll be putting me in a CAM Walker with a heel lift and starting me on PT.

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