Started PT today. It was not as hard as I thought because I have been doing at-home PT for a month. I started using another compression sock, which is working wonders to reduce swelling, provide support, and helps with some pain. It helps with 2 shoes. The massage at PT on the tendon is good. They re working out the knot on my plantar fasciitis. OUCH! I have rubber band therapy and also plan to go to a private massage therapist and hot tub when possible.

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  1. How is your balance and dorsiflexion (upward movement)? At first I was doing rubber band therapy and standing on various wobbly things during PT and at home. It’ was only after two months or so of PT that I started working on the hard stuff (various forms of calf raises).

  2. My dorsal is 10 degrees off each direction from my good foot. PT guru says that is a good start. I can do no wobbly stuff yet. I have been doing the bands and have good strength, but still have a lot of swelling and MAJOR internal scar tissue (size of a medium marble). I pretty much have hardly any balance and can hardly do a calf raise. I can’t wait to be 2 months into PT!

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  3. I was initially around 20 degrees off each direction when I started PT, so I agree you are off to a good start! Hopefully they gave you a rubber band so you can do “homework” - doing those exercises at home helps alot.

  4. Wish I’d had the tendon massage as part of my PT! I started doing that on my own, probably later than I should have, and it really helped. Best of luck as you progress through the exercises and overall rehab…

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