PWB Today

I got my boot today. My cast was removed. Foot horribly dry and stinky leg. My calf muscle is pretty much non existent. I am PWB on two crutches for several weeks…. My Dr. wants me to be FWB in 2 weeks. I should say PWB in a boot without crutches in 2 weeks. gave my leg and foot a good scrubbing and then a rub with vitamin E. It’s sore, but not too bad My swelling was really non-existent.

My dr. was still not thrilled with the vaco boot. They wanted me to use something they were more familiar with. It seems comfortable, but we will see how well it works out.

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  1. That’s great that you’re PWB! I’m surprised he wants you FWB in just two weeks. I think my doc gave me a 4 week transition time since you need to give all your bones/muscles time to get strong enough in the boot to support you once you’re out of the boot. But all docs seem to do it differently. You’ll be getting skin off your foot leg for quite a while … :)

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