From Weight Lifter to Weakling

Its sad to think that 6 weeks ago I was going to the gym 4 times a week to powerlift. I was benching, at a maximum 265 lbs, curling 90, 175 lbs butterflys, and 200 lbs on the lower back row. It took me at least 16 months to work up to that weight. For my legs, I would squat 200 lbs freestanding, calf extensions 175. Military press was up to 130. Now after this operation I am worried I will be starting at half that weight and even then only about to 1/3 of the exercises I would perform. I guess we will see…as soon as I get the boot I am going right back to working out.

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  1. Before you do any exercises that stress your achilles you really should review them with your doctor and/or PT person. When I initially got to FWB I could only do the recumbent bike and the and the elliptical (with NO incline). When I tried using the rower I couldn’t use my surgery foot initially since it didn’t have the flexibility to bend as much as you do on a rower - so I did it 1 footed. Eventually as my PT exercises increased the flexibility of my achilles I would do the rower - but that took a while. You won’t help yourself if you cause things to stretch or break or tear. You can certainly do many arm related exercises - but not if it involves standing on 2 feet. You will lose a LOT of your muscle mass in your surgery leg. That’s just the way it is. You’ll have to work REALLY hard to get it back and that is just the way it is. Your PT person will give you the exercises you need to do and initially it won’t be much!

  2. And I was also exercising 6 days a week before my surgery (soccer 3 days a week, high intensity interval training 1 day, orange theory 1 day, weight lifting one day. I actually exercises harder right before surgery since mine was planned and not due to a rupture. I finally got back to doing my pre-surgery exercises at about 8 months I think and even then some exercises reminded me my surgery foot still wasn’t as strong as it used to be. It takes a while to get back to pre-surgery fitness levels but I knew that going in. I’m just happy now that my right achilles doesn’t hurt all the time anymore!

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