Accidentally put weight on foot…ouch!

About an hour ago I was hopping from the couch to my knee scooter and my knee partially missed. My foot in the cast thumped he ground pretty hard right on my exposed toes. ¬†They were still numb and a bot of pain shot thru them that radiated for a while…its still radiating. My achilles doesn’t really feel any different…just down in the arch of my foot. I am not sure if I should call the doc or not.

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  1. It sounds like something I did once and since my achilles didn’t hurt I didn’t worry about it. Since you’re still in the cast it is unlikely you’ll hurt the achilles - the cast just won’t let your foot move that much :) I also stepped on my casted foot while falling while trying to use crutches. Needless to say I gave up on crutches at that point - LOL! After I did something similar to what you did I was MUCH more careful about making sure my leg was properly positioned for the knee scooter before I lowered it.

  2. Follow-up 12/4/2017. I telephoned my Dr. today and explained that I knocked my foot. The two middle toes had pretty much gone numb and I could not move them. I also had a bad pain in my calf on the opposite side of here I had surgery. They removed my cast…whew….about an hour of relief, but also one of pain. I can’t really stand the cast but it without a doubt protects my surgical area. It was swollen, stunk pretty bad. They removed the tape over where the stitches once were. The gave me an ultrasound on my leg and calf to make sure there were no blood clots. Then I FINALLY got to clean my leg…and a new cast (that was much thinner, more padding, and placed around the areas that were bugging me carefully) was put on. It is altogether much more comfortable. I think my leg shrinking in the other one left a lot of room for movement and created a lot of pain The new cast is great! It comes off on 12/13/17 - 9 days, then I am in my vaco. The Dr. looked at the vaco and was not too impressed…he thinks it is too complex.

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