Relief at Last

My surgery was November 3, 2017. 15 weeks ago. This week I had a major breakthrough with the nerve endings in my toes emerging, gaining full motion of my toes and a remarkable reduction in all of the swelling in my ankle. I was worried this day may never come, but it has. It takes a long time. I think constant PT and lost of massages and ice had a huge effect. I am back to walking 90% normal. Hang in there!


Started PT today. It was not as hard as I thought because I have been doing at-home PT for a month. I started using another compression sock, which is working wonders to reduce swelling, provide support, and helps with some pain. It helps with 2 shoes. The massage at PT on the tendon is good. They re working out the knot on my plantar fasciitis. OUCH! I have rubber band therapy and also plan to go to a private massage therapist and hot tub when possible.

2 Shoes

Went to the Dr. this afternoon. I have been using Metaderm scar cream ind he thinks it healed up very nice. I still have a lot of numbness. He said my achilles is basically one big fused mass of collagen that has to further fuse. It has a few spots where they sewed the flexor tendon that are a little lumpy. He said these will smooth out as my achilles heals. It may take 9 months to 2 years for all of the numbness to go away. I start PT next week. 3 sessions per week for 2 months. No running and careful going up stairs. I need massages and to have the scar tissue broken down It will be painful. The incision site on the bottom of my foot where they fixed my plantar fasciitis has a huge knot of scar tissue. He said use a roller. Other than that I am in 2 shoes, which means learning to walk all over again. The boot was nice. It feels soooo much more comfortable in tennis shoes than the boot. I have 1 week to transition fully to shoes. I start wearing tennis shoes about 2-3 hours per day then increasing. Fingers crossed. I am back at the gym doing full weights again (upper body)> I think I will still need to use the boot for a while when working out.


So my parents were having the family over Dec 23 for dinner. Everyone came from out of town…except for me because I can’t drive. So I said, “what the heck” and got in the SUV and drove 1 hour to their house. I took off my boot and put on one of my Crock shoes. I had no issues. I have been doing plenty of PT and I had no issues whatsoever. It was a little weird going over rough road at high speed…my heel experienced a little vibration. But no problem! On the way home I wore the boot…and it was even easier!

My wife, who is in the medical field, had a field day telling me about what would happen if I wrecked without being medically released. So this is a personal risk decision.

No More Crutches

I was able to ween myself off of crutches completely today. I am moving carefully and slowly. My heel is a little sore, but it is nice to be able to carry items with two hands. My toes that were sprained in my fall are starting to heal. They are not as tender. I am about to enter week 7!

I have been doing rehab exercises for a week now using rubber-bands. I am noting a considerable difference in my healing progress due to the rehab exercises.


Day 3 of PWB with crutches. I was able already to move to just 1 crutch. It is actually much easier to move around, but it is much more tiring. My ankle swells but I have been using a lot a special gelpack wrap around my ankle several times each day. Dr. gave me about 13 different range of motion and strengthening exercises to do to prepare my leg for PT when the time comes. My achilles was a little sore after the first session. The range of motion exercises took an immediate effect the next day. I could tell a huge improvement. Thing really get better once you get out of a hard cast and can start to stretch and exercise.

PWB Today

I got my boot today. My cast was removed. Foot horribly dry and stinky leg. My calf muscle is pretty much non existent. I am PWB on two crutches for several weeks…. My Dr. wants me to be FWB in 2 weeks. I should say PWB in a boot without crutches in 2 weeks. gave my leg and foot a good scrubbing and then a rub with vitamin E. It’s sore, but not too bad My swelling was really non-existent.

My dr. was still not thrilled with the vaco boot. They wanted me to use something they were more familiar with. It seems comfortable, but we will see how well it works out.

Foot and Toes Partially Numb

So after the Dr. confirmed that I sprained my two middle toes, I have had a very dry foot. I used a lot of lotion on my toes (not in the cast) to get the skin from cracking. It was really bad in the creases of my toes , which had cracked and were really painful.

Then there is the fact that my toes and areas of my foot are partially numb. I am just wondering when, if ever, this will start to dissipate. It is really scary to think that it may be permanently like this. I am wondering how I will ever be able to walk or run like I use to. Will I ever be able to hike 10-15 miles carrying 70 lbs again?

Follow-up to Ouch!

Follow-up 12/4/2017. I telephoned my Dr. today and explained that I knocked my foot. The two middle toes had pretty much gone numb and I could not move them. I also had a bad pain in my calf on the opposite side of here I had surgery. They removed my cast…whew….about an hour of relief, but also one of pain. I can’t really stand the cast but it without a doubt protects my surgical area. It was swollen, stunk pretty bad. They removed the tape over where the stitches once were. The gave me an ultrasound on my leg and calf to make sure there were no blood clots. Then I FINALLY got to clean my leg…and a new cast (that was much thinner, more padding, and placed around the areas that were bugging me carefully) was put on. It is altogether much more comfortable. I think my leg shrinking in the other one left a lot of room for movement and created a lot of pain The new cast is great! It comes off on 12/13/17 - 9 days, then I am in my vaco. The Dr. looked at the vaco and was not too impressed…he thinks it is too complex.

From Weight Lifter to Weakling

Its sad to think that 6 weeks ago I was going to the gym 4 times a week to powerlift. I was benching, at a maximum 265 lbs, curling 90, 175 lbs butterflys, and 200 lbs on the lower back row. It took me at least 16 months to work up to that weight. For my legs, I would squat 200 lbs freestanding, calf extensions 175. Military press was up to 130. Now after this operation I am worried I will be starting at half that weight and even then only about to 1/3 of the exercises I would perform. I guess we will see…as soon as I get the boot I am going right back to working out.