Day 3 of PWB with crutches. I was able already to move to just 1 crutch. It is actually much easier to move around, but it is much more tiring. My ankle swells but I have been using a lot a special gelpack wrap around my ankle several times each day. Dr. gave me about 13 different range of motion and strengthening exercises to do to prepare my leg for PT when the time comes. My achilles was a little sore after the first session. The range of motion exercises took an immediate effect the next day. I could tell a huge improvement. Thing really get better once you get out of a hard cast and can start to stretch and exercise.

PWB Today

I got my boot today. My cast was removed. Foot horribly dry and stinky leg. My calf muscle is pretty much non existent. I am PWB on two crutches for several weeks…. My Dr. wants me to be FWB in 2 weeks. I should say PWB in a boot without crutches in 2 weeks. gave my leg and foot a good scrubbing and then a rub with vitamin E. It’s sore, but not too bad My swelling was really non-existent.

My dr. was still not thrilled with the vaco boot. They wanted me to use something they were more familiar with. It seems comfortable, but we will see how well it works out.

Foot and Toes Partially Numb

So after the Dr. confirmed that I sprained my two middle toes, I have had a very dry foot. I used a lot of lotion on my toes (not in the cast) to get the skin from cracking. It was really bad in the creases of my toes , which had cracked and were really painful.

Then there is the fact that my toes and areas of my foot are partially numb. I am just wondering when, if ever, this will start to dissipate. It is really scary to think that it may be permanently like this. I am wondering how I will ever be able to walk or run like I use to. Will I ever be able to hike 10-15 miles carrying 70 lbs again?

Follow-up to Ouch!

Follow-up 12/4/2017. I telephoned my Dr. today and explained that I knocked my foot. The two middle toes had pretty much gone numb and I could not move them. I also had a bad pain in my calf on the opposite side of here I had surgery. They removed my cast…whew….about an hour of relief, but also one of pain. I can’t really stand the cast but it without a doubt protects my surgical area. It was swollen, stunk pretty bad. They removed the tape over where the stitches once were. The gave me an ultrasound on my leg and calf to make sure there were no blood clots. Then I FINALLY got to clean my leg…and a new cast (that was much thinner, more padding, and placed around the areas that were bugging me carefully) was put on. It is altogether much more comfortable. I think my leg shrinking in the other one left a lot of room for movement and created a lot of pain The new cast is great! It comes off on 12/13/17 - 9 days, then I am in my vaco. The Dr. looked at the vaco and was not too impressed…he thinks it is too complex.

From Weight Lifter to Weakling

Its sad to think that 6 weeks ago I was going to the gym 4 times a week to powerlift. I was benching, at a maximum 265 lbs, curling 90, 175 lbs butterflys, and 200 lbs on the lower back row. It took me at least 16 months to work up to that weight. For my legs, I would squat 200 lbs freestanding, calf extensions 175. Military press was up to 130. Now after this operation I am worried I will be starting at half that weight and even then only about to 1/3 of the exercises I would perform. I guess we will see…as soon as I get the boot I am going right back to working out.

Accidentally put weight on foot…ouch!

About an hour ago I was hopping from the couch to my knee scooter and my knee partially missed. My foot in the cast thumped he ground pretty hard right on my exposed toes.  They were still numb and a bot of pain shot thru them that radiated for a while…its still radiating. My achilles doesn’t really feel any different…just down in the arch of my foot. I am not sure if I should call the doc or not.

Rough day today

So yesterday I had the best day so far post surgery…and overdid it due to confidence…then I paid for it today.  I have been keeping my leg elevated about 95% of the time watching tv, etc. Yesterday my swelling seemed to never have existed. I had no pain in my achilles or anywhere else under my cast. I barely even noticed it. I could tell that my foot and ankle were not swollen because I could feel space in the cast. My surgical sweet spot did not feel wet.  It was easy to wiggle my toes and I had probably about 50% feeling all over my foot all the way to the heel.

Then today I had a long appointment after working 5 hours. My wife had an errand to run on top of that. Then a trip out for dinner.  I was in the car for probably about 2 hours. I elevated my foot as often as possible, but I think it was too much. My foot began to swell…I could feel it. It was telling me it wanted to rest. By the time I got home I was experiencing ‘achilles revenge.”  Major quakes, weird stinging sensations running from my calf down my achilles. Toes seemed to swell and numb too.  I elevated it and drank a bunch of water and then 4 advil. . It took about 3 hours to seem like the swelling went down but still a lot of quaking and tingling.  Word to the wise…don’t feel too confident and overdo it just because you have a great day!

How I got here

In 2010 I regularly ran 8-minute, one mile sprints. I had to meet certain physical standards. I developed a microtear in my RT achilles. Plenty of ice and a little rest and I was back into my physical regime. I worked out 5 days a week doing various weight and cardio workouts. Every 8 months or so my achilles would ache. First Dr. used ultrasound and told me to buy rubber-soled comfort shoes and not push myself so much. Over the next 7 years I would ride a roller coaster of aching achilles due to microtears.  I went to PT in 2011 and again in 2015.  In between, I hiked a lot, traveled a lot, and continued to be very active. But I would be down for the count with aches and a grape sized knot on my achilles. I would often massage it. Getting out of bed in the morning was like hell.

In 2016 I tried the PRP injection. My new Dr. said that he had success with it, but had to have two separate sessions. My body did not respond, and it became increasingly difficult to walk. I went thru one more round of PT and if that did not work then I would elect for the surgery.  I attended a PT session the week  prior to my surgery to get experience using a knee walker. The therapist had a look of horror on her face when she read the procedure. She said that this was a very difficult procedure to recover from and it would probably be about 9 months before I was jogging again.  PT warned me to take the pain meds, because this was one surgery you want to stay ahead of in the pain dept.

On November 3, 2017 I underwent  achilles insertional tendinopathy surgery with gastroc lengthening and correction of plantar fasciitis.  The pain doc administered a nerve block behind my knee. The attending nurse said goodnight in 3…2…1…and I was like…”when am I going to be out?”  She couldn’t believe I was still awake…a side effect of being a bamf.  Then nite nite.  I woke up in the rehab area with a huge white surgical cast on my leg. They came in and cut the cast down the middle and wrapped it with a jumbo ace bandage for swelling.  I was basically bed-ridden for two weeks. The percocet kicked the pain away, but the constipation was horrible. I tried to get off the pills after a week.  I used a leg elevation pillow I found on amazon and a rented knee walker.

I was really claustrophobic in the surgical cast. There is actually a medical condition called cast claustrophobia. I felt trapped in the cast  and had bad cabin fever. During the first week, my toes were numb and covered in some yellow coloring. They tingled when I moved them.  My tendon experienced a lot of tingling, and other sensations similar to pop rocks and thumping pressure running down the bottom of my foot and quaking. My achilles and heel always felt wet.  I did a sponge bath as often as I could. I think the hardest part was not being able to shower.   I found that using ambien to sleep at night helped a lot.  I put one pillow down and two pillows parallel and rested my leg in the middle. I put a small pillow under my foot so that it didn’t droop down too low and hurt.

November 15, I had the surgucal cast removed.  My stitches looked ok. They placed another cast on my leg. 4 weeks in this one and then 6 weeks in a walking boot. I bought the vacocast (due to arrive Nov. 30).