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Nov 23 2013

Recovery update

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Well I’m afraid apologies are in order. No sooner have I been given the freedom of two shoes then I desert you all and stop posting. Apologies, I’ve posted an update below

Well wow, what a last 5 months I’ve had.

First of all my AT is fine with no signs of re rupture which I’m really happy about. I’m back to work and into my sport again.

In terms of activity I still daren’t play squash yet as I’m still worried about the explosiveness of the sport and I did always say I’d give it until 2014 before I looked at playing again.

Work Update:                                                                                                                                                                                                               Got the boot off on the Monday. So turned up at work with crutches and the boot on at 8.30am, went to hospital and came back with the boot off at 1pm. By 3pm I was booked on a flight to Egypt on the Wednesday! Word of warning, my swelling was still there around my foot and ankle for a good few months after boot off and I didn’t wear compression socks during my flight! I could barely get my shoe on when we got there!

Sports update:-

Running (well jogging, I’m so slow some of these power walkers would overtake me!)  - is ok although, even now, I can still feel the tightness when I’m out.

Cycling - no problems, have been doing 15Kms with no concerns just the inevitable stiffness the day after.

Football - fine although just with my kids! not competitive!

Cricket - didnt make it back in time for the end of season so I’m hoping to be ok for next year (it’ll be 14 months since ATR by then)

Golf - Me “Doctor when my boot comes off will I be able to play golf?                                                                                               Doctor “Yes you should be able to play”                                                                                                                                         Me “Brilliant I was rubbish before my ATR!”                                                                                                                               Rumpumpum!                                                                                                                                                                             Seriously though, it’s fine and I can manage the twisting and turning during my swing and the walking up and down hills, where your AT can be put under strain, is fine too.

When my boot came off I was booked to see the physio at hospital every two weeks which to be honest was a bit of a waste of time. She would have me on the cross trainer machine for 5 mins then bouncing up and down on one leg on a trampoline for 5 mins then some balancing. At one point she even had me running in circles around her in the physio department. I felt like a horse!! Anyway I attended for a few months but as my AT started getting stronger I missed one appointment through work, then just never got round to rebooking it and have never been back since.

I still do my lunges and can still feel my left AT is not as strong or supple as my right. I’ve also got a much smaller calf muscle on my left but its slowly getting built back up again. If I’m honest I do a few stretches every day but not for long. I’ve still got a bit of scar tissue behind my calf and at the base of my AT but I’ve just felt it and it is gradually getting smaller.

Well thats it for now. I’m on the mend!

Thoughts are with you all that are still holed up with casts or boots on, you’ll get well soon.

Happy recoveries everyone.


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