May 15 2013

My missus reported me!

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Hi all,
quick update to have a dig at my other half. Today we had to to the docs to see the smoking cessation nurse.
I know, i know, I cant believe I smoke either but there you go, we cant all be perfect!
Anyway the wife had an appointment with our family Doctor first and when she was sorted the conversation switched to me (as I was in waiting room, with crutches but without boot, yee harr).
Our Doc was horrified that I had the boot off. “He’s only got less than a week left” , “tell him to get that boot back on!” She said.
Yeah right!!! As if thats gonna happen!
I’m not doing too much with the boot off, I’m not doing lunges or running or anything silly like that.
But I guess those of you that are post boot will understand when I say there’s 3 hopes of me putting the boot back on………………………………………. Bob Hope, envelope and No Hope!!!! Nadda, nein, nej, non!
My boot is currently sat in the corner of our bedroom like a naughty little boy!!

Sad boot

The dilemma is what do I do on Monday when I see the Doc??? I’ll have to put it back on!! Wahhh
“What’s that Doctor? I can remove the boot? Oh thank you that’s marvellous news!”
I guess I can’t tell any lies if he doesn’t ask!
Unless the wife chirps in and grasses me up again!

Ah well that’s enough from me for now.
Take it easy fellow rupturees.

6 Responses to “My missus reported me!”

  1. micah1on 15 May 2013 at 4:57 pm

    Are you a man or a mouse??? If you choose to remain in shoes this week, then you should turn up at the Drs with a printed out copy of the early weight bearing research result & protocols and admit your sins! You could change the face of ATR treatments in the North East, and chuck the boot in the Tyne (or Wear) whilst you are at it.
    Right I’ll get off me high horse now, sorry, outburst over.
    Just been for a walk to the end of our road and back in the sun, felt great, managed on 1 crutch all the way :-)

  2. kkirkon 15 May 2013 at 7:16 pm

    My girlfriend threatened to do the same thing to me, but I was nervous about not following my doc to a T, even though I wanted to stray. Maybe not as much as UWO, but 6 weeks NWB was ridiculous.

    Since mine was a workers comp case I was required to sign a document to follow all doc orders with risk of losing my lifetime benefits, if there is ever another issue with my AT, so I was stuck with his conservative approach to my V-Y lengthening. Honestly, I’ve never read any studies on Chonic ATR reconstruciton and rehab protocols. I would love to find some.

    BTW whether you wear the boot or not, show that info to your doctor. Most will be at least a little receptive of the information.

  3. Bambamon 15 May 2013 at 8:26 pm

    Hi Micah, well done you.
    It’s a big step building up the confidence again.
    I’ve had a video taken of me tonight that I’m hoping to upload to YouTube soon.
    I also had a great picture to insert into this blog but again I couldn’t manage it.
    It must’ve been a fluke getting a pic inserted last night!!

    Thanks kk and Micah. I think I will take the protocol in as these docs do seem to all have their own ways of dealing with ATR.
    I must also say (and I know this will sound ridiculous) but my AT does feel ok so far. When I’m hobbling bootless I don’t feel too worried at all. I don’t have any major stiffness or soreness going on.
    Finally don’t worry everyone, I’m not going to do anything silly and push too hard. Last thing I need is more time off work.
    Know exactly where you’re coming from ok in relation to workers comp. any loophole that can be found to avoid paying up will be.
    You take care now.

  4. Stuarton 15 May 2013 at 9:01 pm

    Bambam - I can really understand why some doctors want to wait this magical time and keep us locked up. They probably see a few non compliant patients that re-rupture. The real danger is thinking you can do more than you should and not really knowing how far to take things plus a slip or mis-step thrown in. I am a successful early weight bearer (and advocate) but I also understand from my reading that those who are locked up also have good results in the end. I am talking about reviews done 2 years after the event. 3 months is still real early in this healing. Those in 2 shoes early are not necessarily the same ones that heal faster but they do tend to return to normal activities faster and their quality of life improves earlier. In the broad scheme of things we are only talking about a short time. It is good that you are getting some freedom back. I doubt the doc will need to see you again unless there is an issue or he needs a new golf club. But if there is an issue later then he will blame it on your non compliance and that will reinforce his/her antiquated ideas. I didn’t see mine after week 5 and that was only the second time. I would question if he told you to keep it on longer.

  5. Bambamon 16 May 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Hi Stuart, yes it’s very small steps with little milestones along the way. I feel my walking has improved in only a few days but I’m still consciously limping because I don’t want to overdo anything.
    Ps if the doc doesn’t give me the ok I’ll probably throw my boot at him!!

  6. Stuarton 16 May 2013 at 10:10 pm

    BB= it is better that you consciously try not to limp when you walk. Slow and small steps in a natural way.

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