Nov 23 2013

Recovery update

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Well I’m afraid apologies are in order. No sooner have I been given the freedom of two shoes then I desert you all and stop posting. Apologies, I’ve posted an update below

Well wow, what a last 5 months I’ve had.

First of all my AT is fine with no signs of re rupture which I’m really happy about. I’m back to work and into my sport again.

In terms of activity I still daren’t play squash yet as I’m still worried about the explosiveness of the sport and I did always say I’d give it until 2014 before I looked at playing again.

Work Update:                                                                                                                                                                                                               Got the boot off on the Monday. So turned up at work with crutches and the boot on at 8.30am, went to hospital and came back with the boot off at 1pm. By 3pm I was booked on a flight to Egypt on the Wednesday! Word of warning, my swelling was still there around my foot and ankle for a good few months after boot off and I didn’t wear compression socks during my flight! I could barely get my shoe on when we got there!

Sports update:-

Running (well jogging, I’m so slow some of these power walkers would overtake me!)  - is ok although, even now, I can still feel the tightness when I’m out.

Cycling - no problems, have been doing 15Kms with no concerns just the inevitable stiffness the day after.

Football - fine although just with my kids! not competitive!

Cricket - didnt make it back in time for the end of season so I’m hoping to be ok for next year (it’ll be 14 months since ATR by then)

Golf - Me “Doctor when my boot comes off will I be able to play golf?                                                                                               Doctor “Yes you should be able to play”                                                                                                                                         Me “Brilliant I was rubbish before my ATR!”                                                                                                                               Rumpumpum!                                                                                                                                                                             Seriously though, it’s fine and I can manage the twisting and turning during my swing and the walking up and down hills, where your AT can be put under strain, is fine too.

When my boot came off I was booked to see the physio at hospital every two weeks which to be honest was a bit of a waste of time. She would have me on the cross trainer machine for 5 mins then bouncing up and down on one leg on a trampoline for 5 mins then some balancing. At one point she even had me running in circles around her in the physio department. I felt like a horse!! Anyway I attended for a few months but as my AT started getting stronger I missed one appointment through work, then just never got round to rebooking it and have never been back since.

I still do my lunges and can still feel my left AT is not as strong or supple as my right. I’ve also got a much smaller calf muscle on my left but its slowly getting built back up again. If I’m honest I do a few stretches every day but not for long. I’ve still got a bit of scar tissue behind my calf and at the base of my AT but I’ve just felt it and it is gradually getting smaller.

Well thats it for now. I’m on the mend!

Thoughts are with you all that are still holed up with casts or boots on, you’ll get well soon.

Happy recoveries everyone.


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May 16 2013

Help inserting photos urgently required

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sad boot

You may be able to see the little box at the beginning of this post.
Well its meant to be a photo.
I cant seem to get my photos inserted to my posts.
kellygirl gave me a link the otherday but I had to mess about with it and when it did work I couldnt remember what i did! Wahhhhhhhh
Anyone got another step by step guide???
Please help!!!

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May 15 2013

My missus reported me!

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Hi all,
quick update to have a dig at my other half. Today we had to to the docs to see the smoking cessation nurse.
I know, i know, I cant believe I smoke either but there you go, we cant all be perfect!
Anyway the wife had an appointment with our family Doctor first and when she was sorted the conversation switched to me (as I was in waiting room, with crutches but without boot, yee harr).
Our Doc was horrified that I had the boot off. “He’s only got less than a week left” , “tell him to get that boot back on!” She said.
Yeah right!!! As if thats gonna happen!
I’m not doing too much with the boot off, I’m not doing lunges or running or anything silly like that.
But I guess those of you that are post boot will understand when I say there’s 3 hopes of me putting the boot back on………………………………………. Bob Hope, envelope and No Hope!!!! Nadda, nein, nej, non!
My boot is currently sat in the corner of our bedroom like a naughty little boy!!

Sad boot

The dilemma is what do I do on Monday when I see the Doc??? I’ll have to put it back on!! Wahhh
“What’s that Doctor? I can remove the boot? Oh thank you that’s marvellous news!”
I guess I can’t tell any lies if he doesn’t ask!
Unless the wife chirps in and grasses me up again!

Ah well that’s enough from me for now.
Take it easy fellow rupturees.

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May 14 2013

Ditched the boot!!!!

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Well, I’ve listened to some of your comments and ditched the boot (and the crutches) on Sunday! Well indoors at least. Man it feels good! It was really starting to drive me mad.

I’d been taking it off to shower (ever since I had it fitted at week 4ish) so knew I could stand on two feet. I just hadn’t had the bottle to try and walk.
I’m not walking properly at all. I’m kind of shuffling like I did in my boot when I used to hobble with no crutches, you know, bad foot forward then bring the other level so I’m not actually working the AT (yet).
That said it feels great. We dropped the kids off a school this morning and although I only walked to the car and back I had two shoes on!!!!

2 shoes

It’s been such a long time, I even had a chuckle when I couldn’t find my left shoe as there must be 10 different right shoes at our front door.
Sorry to ramble on but I felt so good I just wanted to share it.
See the doc on Monday when hopefully he’ll confirm I can officially be in two shoes again and start my rehab.
Hooray for 2 shoes!

ps yee harrrrrrrrrr. It has took me 2 hours to get this photo on.
Big thanks kellygirl for pointing me to chocolata’s blog.
However, unfortunately I’ve no idea how I did it!!!!!
Shout to torngoals too for showing it could be done.
I’m worn out now!!

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May 11 2013

NHS have left me to rot!!!

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Hi all,
I’m having a bad few days having read lots of posts about other NHS treatments. I feel like I’ve just been put out to pasture from a service that don’t embrace any new techniques.
I’m on week 12 now and still in a hinged boot with crutches. (Although I hobble around without them a lot!)
Last saw the consultant on week 5 (when my boot was fitted) not due to see him again until 20th May. He said he was transferring my care to the physios. (My boot hasn’t had any changes made since it was fitted!)
I saw a physio at week 5 who gave me 3 exercises to do with my boot off every 2 hours. These were toes pointing down then back up as far as was comfortable times 10 and circular movements clockwise and anti clockwise times 5. She also gave me elbow crutches and told me to start putting weight on when I was walking with crutches.
Saw another physio 3 weeks later (week 8) who told me the exercises were fine but I only needed to do them 3 times a day.
I told him I was feeling good and could hobble around without my crutches ok in the house. He looked horrified “you’ll do it again” he said “put weight through your crutches or you’ll do it again! You can’t rush these things. I’ll see you again in 8 weeks.”
I did ask is that it? No standing, other exercises, bike work? He was quite adamant time was the healer.
At that time I wasn’t aware of the varying treatments and that being aggressive could be of benefit so I couldn’t argue with him.
This has left me very frustrated, especially having read about other’s treatment.
I keep hearing the consultants words “I’m transferring your care to the physios.” It sounded to me like I was going to get regular sessions working out and strengthening but it hasn’t happened. So has the consultant failed me or is it the physio dept? Or is it the correct treatment for where my rupture was?
As for scans etc - never had one.
Getting myself so down thinking about it.

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May 09 2013

Non surgery on the NHS

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Hi there,
I’m a 41 year old male and I’m 12 weeks post ATR on the non surgery route. I’ll tell my story on my next post.
But for now I’m very keen to hear the recovery experiences of everyone, especially the UK NHS non surgery recovery stories.

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