No Physical Therapy!?

I was one of the lucky ones, my injury never hurt.  I had full range of motion at one month despite never going to physical therapy and not walking on it until after that doctor visit.  It seems odd that my doctor did not know I was not seeing a physical therapist (the NP I [...]

Three Weeks Out

Written on 3/18/16 (saved instead of published, oops)
I have been NWB for three weeks and am going nuts.  Thankfully I was allowed to continue working as long as it is desk duty or court.  Still, it is shocking how old it gets relying on a knee scooter.  Like others, I am always going somewhere, fixing the [...]

First Three Days

Friday, the day after surgery, was a blur.  I took pain meds, binge watched Supernatural, and took care of my dogs.  My niece left in the morning and my dad may have visited that evening.  My dogs were more thrown off by my situation than I was.  The Yorkie (possibly a Morkie or Porkie) would [...]

Pickle Ball Won

Pickle Ball 2, family 0.
A couple locations in my county had free court time to get people interested in pickle ball.  My father (in his 60s) and I (30) played one Tuesday night.  He had been playing at the YMCA with my teenage niece for a while.  I’ve played sports my whole life so it was [...]