Three Weeks Out

Written on 3/18/16 (saved instead of published, oops)

I have been NWB for three weeks and am going nuts.  Thankfully I was allowed to continue working as long as it is desk duty or court.  Still, it is shocking how old it gets relying on a knee scooter.  Like others, I am always going somewhere, fixing the house, playing with dogs, traveling, or going to the gym.  After the first few weeks of reading everything others were posting, spending time on the internet even got old.  Everyone says to hang in there and that it will get better and I’m sure it will, but this sucks balls.

The staples were removed last week and Steri Strips were applied.  The NP was concerned about one spot and it turned out she was right.  My ankle is leaking.

For three weeks there has been hardly any pain.  One day I had to put my boot on the floor and push my foot into it as 90 degrees is difficult in the morning.  I thought I tore something with the strength of the shooting pain I experienced.    Oddly, it hurt in a spot that is numb.  It itches there, too.  I cannot complain though, the only other time it hurt was when the German Shepherd took a claw across the incision.

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