First Three Days

Friday, the day after surgery, was a blur.  I took pain meds, binge watched Supernatural, and took care of my dogs.  My niece left in the morning and my dad may have visited that evening.  My dogs were more thrown off by my situation than I was.  The Yorkie (possibly a Morkie or Porkie) would not leave me alone and the German Shepherd did not know what to do with herself.  She began her obsession with bright colored washcloths that night.

Saturday I was going crazy.  I was off the major pain meds and only took Aleve.  I was up early, vacuumed the house, cleaned the kitchen, and figured out how to get to the basement.  I had a knee scooter for the main level and went down the steps on one knee and one foot to get to the basement.

Sunday I had to do a home visit for work.  That morning was my first, post-surgery, experience washing with purpose and the first time I washed my hair in the sink at my house.  While it was not fun to just have a washcloth to work with, I felt better being clean and dressed in something other than yoga pants.  I also realized how lucky I was to have the knee scooter that could get so far into my tiny bathroom and that my balance has improved over the years.

After the visit on Sunday I went to my parents’ house and successfully hopped up three outdoor steps with the crutches.  Then, my dad and sister took me with to the grocery store!  Freedom!  Meijer only had the powered carts that beep, no wheelchairs with baskets.  It was still great to be out of the house on such a warm, sunny day.  (The snow from the storm on surgery day was completely gone by Sunday!)

By the end of Sunday I was exhausted but still in good spirits and not in pain.

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  1. Generally rest with the leg up is recommended for a week or two after this surgery but it seems there will be no holding you back. Take it easy and elevate when you can. Happy healing just don’t overdo it.

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