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With the disappointment of the last appointment still weighing on me, I wasn’t feeling too positive heading into the hospital for a second try at forcing my foot into a more neutral position.

A nurse removed my cast and as I sat there I was trying hard not to remember the strange feeling of the wound stretching and the unwillingness of the tendon to stretch from the last appointment. Thankfully my girlfriend has got her head around things and is now being much more supportive and did a good job of distracting me while we waited for the surgeon.

This time round I was instructed to lie on my front with my injured leg bent at the knee and pointing up towards the ceiling at 90 degrees so that the surgeon was able to exert pressure on my foot without any unwanted movement in any other limbs.

I found lying on my front to be much more comfortable and when the surgeon began to manipulate my foot I was delighted to find that the feelings of tightness were much less intense this time round although he was still clearly having to use a reasonable amount of force as my girlfriend said his face was going red! The wound still felt pretty inflexible but my Achilles felt LOADS better than last time and the surgeon was successful in achieving a foot position that isn’t too far away from neutral.

The original rehab plan called for my foot to be in this new position a week ago and then there was to be another 3 weeks in plaster until I got into a boot.

With my progress being a week behind the plan I was expecting to be in a cast for another 3 weeks before getting into a boot and beginning physio but, thankfully, the surgeon intends to keep to the original schedule meaning that I will be out of a cast and into a boot in just 2 weeks time. Woohoo!!

After being disappointed by the lack of progress last week I’m now in a good place in my treatment and in my head. Last night was only a small victory but it was still a victory. I’m now looking forward to the next phase in my road to recovery :o)

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  1. edhdez on February 18th, 2015

    That sounds great Bailey! Congrats! I can’t wait myself for next week my first post op visit with my surgeon. According with his protocol I will be out of the cast and into a boot then with wedges and WBAT. It seems like my doc is on a more aggressive protocol, this clinic I go to specializes in sports injuries so they see athletes all the time and try to get them back on the field as soon as possible. Of course it all depends on the individual’s effort. I’m glad for you and I can’t wait to start writing on my blog about the successes on the road to recovery. Thank you for sharing! ;)

  2. nico76 on February 18th, 2015

    sounds great! Remember that at the beginning, it’s all about small victories, do not look for the homerun, the homerun is the positive trend of the sum of small victories…!

  3. donna on February 18th, 2015

    Well said nico…good to see you! You’ve got this Baily!

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