Surgery Yesterday

Had Surgery yesterday.  The doc said it took some extra time because it had started healing on both ends but wasn’t attached.  He said they got a good repair though. I love this doc because, besides having worked on loads of pro athletes, all the mortal guys I know that he’s worked on get well and get well strong.

Photography is one of my professional sidelights and I gave free 5×7 prints to all the receptionist, techs, nurses and such and the Doc got a hardcover photo book.  I like to spread the love and get away from strictly business relationships.

When I woke up from Surgery it hurt a bit too much but after a few hours it was manageable.  I let the drugs wear out this morning just to see what and where the pain would be like.  Mostly at the heel and attachment point at the calf.  It all seems bearable but varies from no problem to just not sharp and intense enough to be miserable. I’m on vicodin and it’s enough but not luxurious pain relief.

Edit: now it’s two days after surgery and I’m at Mom and Dad’s house. Thank God for Mom’s and Dad’s! Good food and Dad’s easy chair to elevate my foot.  I’ve been periodically sweating like a pig but I checked my temperature and it’s normal.

I checked my insurance and it looks better than I thought! After the deductible, most everything seems 100% covered! Things are looking up! My goal is to push the doc to get as much done this year before I turn into a new deductable pumpkin as possible!


2 Responses to “Surgery Yesterday”

  1. I am glad you had the surgery in the end. Hope you will heal fast and be able to get back taking more gorgeous photographs. I checked them out - Yosemite park is definitely on my to do list!

  2. Wow would love to hear an update from this crazy story.

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