Everything has Changed

When I asked my girlfriend to give me the thompson test and I failed it, I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.  The next day I called the ortho-doc who did my knees 20 years ago.  Thank god he didn’t retire cause he’s THE MAN and did much surgery for the 49er and Giants.  I had to wait months the first time I saw him but, as an old patient, he saw me the same day this time!

and now I’m scheduled for a trip down the rabbit hole.  Surgery is next Tuesday.

This is going to be a tough journey in some ways. I live in the woods down a steep dirt 250 foot driveway that will get some snow in a few months. It gets pretty cold in the house as well. My girlfriend will be around to do some care for me but only time will tell how manageable  it all is.

Good news is that I have health insurance. Sadly, I found out its $3500 deductible and $4000 out of pocket paying 30% of everything after that.  Thank God my folks stepped up and will help in this time of vulnerability in many ways.

I can’t figure out what ways it’s worthwhile to try to save any money in this process, as I’m sure to crash through the deductible in any case.  Wonder if we should have a “Freebie and for sale” section on this site where folks could hand down their durable medical equipment like crutches to those who aren’t covered.

Here are a few more images from the climb. Wishing you all smooth healing and unexpected blessings on your path to wellness of all kinds.

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