Christmas Progress

December 30, 2015

Not much to report on since my last post. I have been full weight bearing for about 2 weeks now and things seem to be going alright. I worked full time up until Christmas, which made my ankle a bit sore, but I think it likely did more good than bad because it was forcing me to walk and stretch out my tendon. I was even a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding that weekend too! All went well except for the tremendous amounts of snow that kept getting into boot, which then forced me to think about ordering a walker boot cover. It is currently being shipped to my apartment :)

Before I left for the holidays, I met with my physiotherapist because it was “Wedge Removal Day”! I had 2 heel lifts in my walker boot and took one out. My physiotherapist did a good job of stretching out the area and giving me a nice scar massage to help make the transition easier. Now I have been sitting for about a week and keeping up with the scar massage and physio exercises. The incision looks pretty good and even the swelling has come down significantly. It’s like I have TWO normal sized ankles again!

And today is wedge removal day again! So later today, I will be flat to the boot! How exciting! (You have to celebrate the small achievements!)

So I think this recovery has been going quite well and I am very excited about this. But it has been difficult since I haven’t been active in any way for the last month. How has everyone else got around this? I think I might try to do some upper body stuff with my boot on and hopefully that will make me feel better! I meet with the surgeon again in 2 weeks and I think that means I no longer have to sleep with the boot on. HOORAY!

Until next time!

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  • 1. bobbie24  |  December 31st, 2015 at 1:20 am

    Sounds like you a progressing extremely well and on track for a great recovery. The upside is that there are improvements slowly but surely. Little milestones that keep us going. I’m 10 weeks post surgery and have been back in shoes from the 8 week. PT is fortnightly and I enjoy the difference the scar tissue massage makes. Huge relief in ROM. I have a small limp at present but it really is not that noticeable however I’m walking slower than my normal pace. Occasional tenderness in the back of my heel and of course I’m still working on ROM & strengthening.
    I’m in Australua so right in the very hot summer months so I jump in the pool daily for some hydro therapy and that really improves things. Look forward to your progress updates, your doing really well. Cheers Robyn

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