Recovery classes

March 10th, 2009

Hi everybody

Just a quick post to let you know that four months post-op I feel a lot better. I have been doing recovery classes in a pool and physio exercises and my foot is a lot stronger and there’s not much pain or swelling (almost none). I was keen to let those of you know who are in the early stages as its so hard.  So keep at it you Achilles Warriors! aussierules

Chair dancing

January 8th, 2009

hi everybody - just thought i wld let u know that I am really enjoying ‘chair dancing’ while still in boot -  i just put on my favourite CD (currently cat empire a melbourne band) and then boogy the top part of my body. my niece did one chair dance with me and then stopped which was a bummer because she knew how to clap both our hands against each others and other cool stuff which was alot of fun.

Dennis can u please help re my AT timeline?

December 19th, 2008

Dennis- THANKS for starting this site - and thanks to others who assisted too - its very exciting and interesting to learn how to blog and be part of this community. its so great to hear from you all who also have injuries - and the AT timeline and mathaton helps with this heaps. i feel on the cutting edge of something really fun and interesting and it gives me something good to do when i need to rest!  But i think i have got my timeline wrong because it says 2-shoes on my timeline but i am still in the boot 4 ages (til mid Jan). (can you see why this wld be?)  Anyway, have a great festive season. Aussie rules

question for the girls

December 18th, 2008

Dear girls

Its 8 weeks since my rupture and I have a big question: how ru keeping the weight down? i have had soooo much trouble with this! gifts of chocolate and cakes combined with nil real exercise when i used to do alot, combined with being sooo exhausted from this recovery process (much as its all good) combined with trouble getting the shops for fruit and veg, combined with consuming wine at home while not going out much —- has led to excessive eating of the wrong foods and gaining about 2-3 kilos already.

I have a cousins wedding in February and i already bought a dress i love for it in September - I hung this near the kitchen so i could see it when i go to the fridge to remind me not to eat - but my Dad smoked out the griller (wld you say broiler?) by leaving the oven door closed and smoked the dress up so i put it back in the cupboard.

And now Christmas is coming! CAN YOU HELP? Its getting desperate.

Look forward to any assistance





December 13th, 2008

hi everybody

i lke this site - its good to see people’s progress and really inspiring to see photos of people’s two legs both looking the same and hear about people doing things like playing sport again - i think its great.

i ruptured my achilles tendon playing touch footy about six weeks ago and my recovery has been okay so far. One thing i noticed was its good to get my other foot in a really good runner and sock - its more comfy - I am six weeks post surgery and in boot for four now).  

take care