12th week to 20th week crucial week

By 12th week i started physiotherapy.Luckly i got very good physio in andmam and nicobar.his sessions are

first week-USG therapy,passive flexion,calf massage,passive increase in rango of motion

2nd week-continue above therap+light active strtching+weight training with knee+hip exercise

3rd week-interferntial therapy(increases muscle mass) continue active stretching+started cycling against resistance for 20 min+stepper with gradual increase in stepping

4th week-cotinue above execise with increase in cylcling and steppiin time for 20 /20 min

5th  / 6th week- conitue stretching with execise

7thweek/8th week-started on treadmill with 3.2 km/hr at the end of 8th week 5km/hr

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  1. MaryK on December 20th, 2009

    I start PT in January. I can’t wait! Sounds like you are making great progress, keep it up!

  2. atuldoc007 on December 21st, 2009

    thanks mary
    today i have completed 20th week post op and showed to physio.he has cleared me for running!!! but i am still scared i think i am going too fast.i limp little less but still it is there

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