12th week to 20th week crucial week

By 12th week i started physiotherapy.Luckly i got very good physio in andmam and nicobar.his sessions are

first week-USG therapy,passive flexion,calf massage,passive increase in rango of motion

2nd week-continue above therap+light active strtching+weight training with knee+hip exercise

3rd week-interferntial therapy(increases muscle mass) continue active stretching+started cycling against resistance for 20 min+stepper with gradual increase in stepping

4th week-cotinue above execise with increase in cylcling and steppiin time for 20 /20 min

5th  / 6th week- conitue stretching with execise

7thweek/8th week-started on treadmill with 3.2 km/hr at the end of 8th week 5km/hr

6 week to 12 week

now from6th week to 12th week nothing new except that i started pwb at the end of 6th week with single crutches and 8th week with out cruthcus.after 12th week walker is removed and started on 2 shoes.AT the begining of 12th week i started having physio session.

achilles rupture while playing badminton

hi all
first of all nice to see so many people suffering from this and recovering to fullest.as in my case being workin in remote areas of andman and nicobar islands,when i got ruptured on 15 july while playing badminton.i was rushed to hospital as there was no ortho spl case was seen by surgical spl and USG was done ,but radiologist told that ot was sprian abd surgeon was clueless.he wrapeed me in plaster and called me after one week.after 1 week repeat USG done and radiologist is worried this time as he says that he is partial tear in USG,recommended me to go for MRI.I was transferred to bangalore next day.next day in morning ortho spl saw me and 2 sec he told me that you have got complete rupture and to confirm it MRI to be done .within hour MRI was done .It shows complete rupture 6 cm above the calcaneum and 9 mm space in between.Very next day i was operated upon,as diagnosis is delayed by 2 weeks,doc told me that during operation both ends are shredded and tied and reinforced it with plantaris muscle.After that i was plaster for 2 weeks with non weight bearings.Exactly after 2 weeks sutures are cut (it was staplers) and put me Cam walker boot with 30 angle and told me to reduce it 10 degrees every week and increase wweigt bearin to full at the end of 6th week but my scar is open at the middle and again i have to go for repeated dressings .At last at the end of 4th week it was completely healed.I was against the doc advice to early wt bearing and started takin weight at the end of 6th week in walker with crutchus

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